Other Concentrates

Aniseed Concentrate 

Prenzel Aniseed Concentrate is made with a blend of aromatic aniseed extracts. Aniseed has a sweet, aromatic scent, with a distinctive liquorice flavour. Aniseed can be used in many savoury and sweet dishes, including any recipe that calls for star anise, fennel or aniseed liqueur, to provide a lovely liquorice flavour. Aniseed flavour is popular for use in confectionery, cakes, biscuits and desserts.


Butterscotch Concentrate

Prenzel Butterscotch Concentrate is a sweet, sticky and delicious flavour. Reminiscent of toasted butter and brown sugar, this is a signature Prenzel flavour, made famous by our Butterscotch Cream Liqueur. Butterscotch is a traditional confectionery flavour, and is popular in desserts and ice cream dishes. In New Zealand, butterscotch is often associated with the much loved flavour ‘hokey pokey’.


Crème de Menthe Concentrate 

Crème de Menthe Concentrate has a neutral grain spirit base, with natural peppermint oils. This concentrate has a sweeter peppermint flavour profile than Prenzel Peppermint Concentrate. An excellent, European inspired flavour, for use in cakes, biscuits, desserts, truffles and chocolates. A perfect addition for adding flavour to icing. Use in recipes in place of Crème de Menthe liqueur.

Peppermint Concentrate

Prenzel Peppermint Concentrate is a blend of Tasmanian peppermint oil, suspended in a neutral spirit. Grown on the pristine slopes of Tasmania, this peppermint oil is one of the best available. A colourless concentrate, our Peppermint Concentrate can be used for flavouring cakes, slices, ice cream, confectionery and desserts. Peppermint is popular paired with chocolate. Because the natural oils are suspended in alcohol, the flavours have excellent follow through in any application.

Vanilla Concentrate

Prenzel Vanilla Concentrate is made from a blend of natural vanilla extracts. Vanilla is one of the worlds most loved and versatile flavours and as such it is an essential in any kitchen. Popular for use as a main flavour, or paired to add additional depth to other flavours in almost any sweet application. 


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