Gels in baking

Prenzel gels are based on a traditional French technology. The addition of a plant-derived, gelling agent to a culinary concentrate results in a valuable new resource for bakers and food processors.
As the baking mix is heated, the gelling agent hardens the cell walls of aerated products such as sponges. As the cell walls become less permeable, more of the flavour of the concentrate is retained. At the same time, any volume shrinkage at the end of the baking process is reduced.

The net result is an item with more flavour, a firmer mouthfeel, and increased moisture retention. Furthermore, this is all achieved without any significant modifications to existing recipes and procedures.
These gels are available in six of the most popular Prenzel culinary flavours: Brandy, Clear Orange, Grand Orange, Gin, Kirsch and Rum.

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