Fruit Concentrates

Apple Concentrate 

Prenzel Apple Concentrate uses a base of oak aged brandy. The brandy perfectly carries our natural apple flavours and distillates, to deliver a full bodied and aromatically balanced apple concentrate. Use in place of calvados (apple brandy) in recipes, or wherever an authentic boost of apple flavour is required.


Boysenberry Concentrate

Prenzel Boysenberry Concentrate is a rich concentrated flavour crafted using the purest neutral spirit base, rich boysenberry juice, and natural extracts. A deep dark colour this concentrate has an intense boysenberry flavour profile. Ideal for creating exceptional sorbets, fudge, cakes and desserts.

Cassis (Blackcurrant) Concentrate

Crème de cassis is a traditional French liqueur, with a deep blackcurrant flavour that enhances both sweet and savoury dishes. Prenzel Cassis Concentrate is rich and fruity and is the perfect addition to sauces, chocolate and desserts.

Clear Orange Concentrate 

Clear Orange Concentrate owes its flavour to a blend of 7 carefully selected citrus oils, suspended in a neutral spirit base. Clear Orange Concentrate is the perfect base for sauces, to complement a variety of game dishes, including duck and venison. Clear Orange Concentrate can be used in place of Cointreau in recipes, and is commonly used in baking and dessert dishes.


Grand Orange Concentrate 

Prenzel Grand Orange Concentrate begins with a base of oak aged brandy, and the addition of our secret blend of 7 citrus oils. Grand Orange concentrate can be used in place of Grand Marnier in recipes, and is popularly used in desserts such as soufflé, crème brûlée and French style crêpes. Also perfect for pre-soaking fruit for fruitcakes and Christmas puddings.


Coconut Concentrate 

Prenzel Coconut Concentrate combines rich and creamy natural coconut extracts with a neutral spirit base. This delivers a consistent flavour profile, and the maximum follow through of flavour in any application. A popular flavour for use in desserts, ice creams, cakes and biscuits.

Dark Raspberry Concentrate 

Prenzel Dark Raspberry Concentrate is a concentrated flavour infusion of raspberries and natural flavours, suspended in neutral spirit. This concentrate offers all the benefits of raspberry juice but with an extended shelf life and amplified flavour profile. It offers a rich, intense and fresh raspberry flavour, which is perfect for use in ice creams, truffles, chocolates, cakes and desserts.

Kiwifruit Concentrate 

Our Kiwifruit Concentrate captures the unique flavours of kiwifruit, in a concentrated form, for effective delivery of flavour. Prenzel Kiwifruit Concentrate has a clean, crisp flavour, ideal for use in confectionery and desserts such as chocolates, truffles, ice cream, sorbets and cheesecakes. In the industry, Kiwifruit is often used alongside more dominant fruit flavours, to enhance the overall taste by adding another layer of complexity to the overall flavour profile.

Lemon Concentrate

Prenzel Lemon Concentrate is crafted using natural lemon extracts, suspended in a neutral spirit. A zesty and aromatic flavour, it should be a staple in every kitchen. An extremely versatile ingredient, this flavour suits many bakery applications such as muffins, slices, cakes, truffles and confectionery. Ideal for flavouring icing or to create cake glazes.


Lime Concentrate 

Lime Concentrate contains 100% natural lime oil, giving a vibrant and aromatic flavour. Lime is a versatile flavour for use in cakes, biscuits, desserts, ice creams and sorbets. Lime pairs well with other citrus fruit flavours, and adds an extra zing where needed. Use in citrus based sauces to enhance the flavour. Ideal for flavouring icing.

Mango Concentrate 

Prenzel Mango Concentrate is a sweet tropical flavour, made by blending natural mango flavours with a neutral spirit base. A superb flavouring for use in desserts such as cheesecake, ice cream, gelato and sorbet. Prenzel Mango Concentrate is suitable for use in a wide range of savoury applications, and especially curry dishes.

Passionfruit Concentrate 

Prenzel Passionfruit Concentrate is crafted using natural passionfruit extracts. It has an intense, tropical passionfruit flavour, but without all the pesky pips. This concentrate is perfect for adding authentic flavour to ice creams, fudges and cakes. An exceptional addition to sweet bakery icings and fillings.

Peach Concentrate 

Prenzel Peach Concentrate possesses all the glorious flavours of our famous Prenzel Peach Schnapps, but delivered in a concentrated format, specifically designed for use in culinary applications. The high alcohol content perfectly carries the sweet and aromatic qualities that match freshly picked summer peaches. This is a premium flavour, suitable for many culinary applications. A "must have" for every bakery kitchen.


Raspberry Concentrate 

Prenzel Raspberry Concentrate is blended using natural raspberry distillates. Modelled on our original hand crafted Raspberry Brandy, this flavour provides delicate raspberry notes, concentrated to ensure flavour carry through. It offers a superb base flavour for sweet and savoury sauces, cakes and desserts.

Strawberry Concentrate 

Prenzel Strawberry Concentrate is blended using natural strawberry extracts, suspended in a neutral spirit base. This concentrate delivers a delicate natural strawberry flavour, and does not have the artificial flavour profile that many commercial strawberry essences possess. Perfect for use in cakes, chocolates, fudge, desserts and confectionery. 

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