Contact Lenses First Fit and Instructional Session

First Fit & Instructional session: What to expect...
Trying to put contact lenses in for the first time can be a torturous experience for some. Coupled with the fact that if you do it wrong, or don't follow some basic hygiene protocol for use, you can risk some nasty eye infections, it is well worth a visit to our friendly optometrist for some personal and patient instruction.

What should I expect?

Firstly, the optometrist takes a few eye measurements.

These include observations such as: ocular surface quality, tear film, lid structure, corneal curvature, corneal topography, and refractive data. Each of these will assist in determining the best lenses for your eye type.

In most cases, the next step will be to issue you with a suitable pair of soft 'trial' lenses, which you will most likely be able to walk out of the shop with (once you are completely satisfied that you are confident in putting them in, and taking them out again). Whilst difficult at first, with the proper instruction this process is easy to get the hang of.

Next comes the fun part, the instructional session where we teach you the easiest way to insert and remove your lenses, and most importantly, how to keep them clean. This is vitally important to stop you from getting potentially dangerous infections whilst you wear your lenses.

It is likely that when the session ends you will have learnt to confidently put your free trial pair of contact lenses on, which you will use for the time specified by our optometrist. You will receive some free solution (the right one for your eye type and lens type) and a free   lenses case. A follow up session is required to make sure you are happy with that prescription, and from then on, you will be able to enjoy hassle free vision.

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