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Good Health from "The Cradle of Life" by the Enzaq Process

The sea covers three-fourths of Earth’s surface and contains 80% of the planet’s biomass. The aquatic plants supply most of the oxygen in our atmosphere. Because sea life is so abundant and life itself is believed to have begun there, the sea is called “The Cradle of Life.” Human tissue is constantly moistened by a briny solution thought to be about the same salinity as the primordial sea from which life emerged. “We are miniature oceans encased in skin.” - Dr. Arthur Hayes, Commissioner of USFDA, in Time, 3/15/82.

In 1995 Enzaq Aquaculture Ltd was established by Aquaculture Inc. as a processing factory in Marlborough, New Zealand.  Enzaq developed the low-heat one-step, short time drying system called the Enzaq Flash-Dry Process. This process avoids having to cook and handle the mussels as many competitors do in a Freeze-Dry Process. Enzaq’s high level of Mucopolysaccharides (MPS), and polyunsaturated Omega 3 marine lipids is the direct result of this unique technology.

Since 2005, Enzaq green lipped mussel powder production lots have been regularly assessed for their bioactivity by the Bioactivity Investigation Group (now called Trinity Bioactives) at the Wellington School of Medicine, so that consumers are assured of the highest quality of this wonderful whole food.

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Sanford Ltd operates the ENZAQ Mussel processing site.

Please contact us at Sanford Bioactives Innovation Centre
23 Vernon Street, Riverlands, New Zealand.