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NZ Green Lipped Mussel Powder

Mussel Powder Specifications

Enzaq green lipped mussel powder provides an ecologically sound, renewable resource of these natural healthful elements from the Sea, "The Cradle of Life." The green lipped mussel powder provides nutritional support for the heart, lungs, joints, muscles and connective tissues which is perfect for people who are active and is suitable for all ages.

Enzaq mussel powder uses only the freshest green lipped mussel meats from the pristine estuaries of Marlborough and is 100% natural. Enzaq uses uncooked mussel meat and low temperature flash dry process to create the highest nutritional quality powder.


Enzaq Mussel Powder contains:

  • Multi-vitamins: (Natural A, B complex, especially B-12, D & E)
  • Multi-minerals and trace elements from the sea
  • High quality proteins; (19 essential  amino-acids)
  • Enzaq Mussel Omega-3 Polyunsaturated marine lipids (Provides 1/3 more of aLA, EPA, DHA, and ETA)

Characteristics: Enzaq Mussel Powder


Typically the fine grain powder is a light tan colour. However during different seasons the colour may vary depending on the sex and the carotenoid content of the fresh mussels.    


Fresh seafood odour without any oxidized notes or off putting odours.


6.5 – 6.8


95% through a 20-mesh 850 micron screen

Background Information

  • Mucopolysaccharides

    Mucopolysaccharides are long chain amino sugars with active sulfate and amino molecules along the multiple polysaccharide chains, usually combined with a core protein. Read more
  • Bioactive Nutrition from Nature

    In the search for dependable sources of bio-active nutrients, Aquaculture scientists identified high levels of natural vitamins, chondroitin sulfates, ionized collagens and omega 3 marine lipids present in the soft tissues of selected Greenshell Mussels of New Zealand. This discovery in the late 60’s stimulated the mussel aquaculture in the isolated, pristine tidal waters of New Zealand. Read more
  • The Cradle of Life

    In 1995 Aquaculture Inc. set up the Enzaq Aquaculture Ltd processing factory in Marlborough New Zealand and developed the low-heat, one-step, quick drying system called the Enzaq Flash Dry Process. This unique process avoids cooking and handling of the green mussels which is typically done by other mussel powder manufacturers. Enzaq’s high level of Mucopolysaccharides and polyunsaturated omega 3 marine lipids is the direct result of this unique technology. Read more
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Sanford Ltd operates the ENZAQ Mussel processing site.

Please contact us at Sanford Bioactives Innovation Centre
23 Vernon Street, Riverlands, New Zealand.