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Get your photo on the website manager login screen

We like the idea of showing a random photo showcasing our client's business on the website login screen. Everyone logging into a zeald website, which is thousands of business owners in Australia and New Zealand will get to see this photo when they login, so its a great opportunity to showcase your products. It also saves us all having to look at a boring grey screen whenever we login. Everyone's a winner! 

Of course, the hard part is actually getting the photos. We'll trial this for a while and if we can't get any, we might have to switch to showing funny cat pictures, bland stock photos or other junk we found on the internet. No-one wants that!  So give us your photos!

If you saw your competitor's website on there and it made you jealous - don't complain! It only makes you look petty! (you'd be surprised how many people do that). Give us a better photo, and we'll put you up there as well.

You must own the copyright for the image

In order for us to use your image, we need a license to use it, and you need to own the copyright in order to grant us that license. If you took the photo yourself, you're probably OK.

Generally, you can't use a photo taken for you by a professional photographer unless they assigned the copyright to you (they usually don't, they just grant you a license which you can't just pass along to us, at least not without a whole lot of legal hassle we don't want to deal with). If you ask them nicely, the photographer might be willing to submit this form for you and give us the right to use their photo.

And you certainly can't use a stock photo or a really funny cat picture you found on the internet. Unless you took this photo yourself, we can't really use it.  

What sort of photo should I send you?

We can't guarantee we'll use your picture. It's got to fit with the layout and design on the login screen.  We might also remove it at any time. As a guideline of what we need to be able to use it:
  1. It must look good! Often we'll need to crop your image so the "subject" is off-center, so the login box doesn't sit on top. Sometimes, even that won't work. It needs to be a good photo - not blurry. It helps if you've got some photography skill. If you give us a few to choose from, it makes it more likely we'll choose your image
  2. Not clear-cut - a picture of your products "floating in the void" with all the background snipped out in photoshop may look good as a product image in your store, but it doesn't work for this.  We need a "full screen photo", ideally with some interest 
  3. No people - even if it's you or your staff. People are great, but there are privacy concerns with showing pictures of people that we just don't want to deal with
  4. Full quality - we'll want to crop it and scale it ourselves, so send us a high-res version please.
  5. Landscape - screens are landscape shaped, and portrait photos don't look right
  6. Not too spammy - tasteful pictures of your products and services are great - we especially like them if they are shown in context. But it can't be overtly commercial or "spammy". Don't put a price or any "sales" text on it. We may have to edit your description too if its too spammy.
  7. You don't get "artistic control" - we will have to crop the photo, and reduce its quality to avoid slowing down people's page loads. We'll certainly do our best to keep it looking good, but we can't get your approval for every little tweak we make to the login screen (we'll remove your photo if its "too hard").
  8. We can't remove it instantly - if you decide you don't want it on there anymore, we can't guarantee a turnaround time to remove it (it's got to fit in with release schedules etc). Of course we'll honour your wishes if you want it removed, but we can't guarantee we'll drop everything to remove your photo. The same goes for changes to the photo (if you'd like another photo, upload one here and we'll do our best, but no guarantees) 
  9. The usual common-sense stuff  - Obviously, nothing obscene, defamatory, annoying, and all the other naughty things people get up to on the internet
  10. That stuff about copyright - Like we said above, you need to own the copyright. 
Your Name
Who you are. We'll credit you personally as the photographer (you are the photographer, right?)
Your Company
What company are you from?
Email Address
We might need to discuss your submission with you to confirm things, and we'll let you know when your photo's gone live so you can see it
Upload your image*

Uploading files...

Select the files you would like to upload (you can hold the CTRL or SHIFT key to select multiple files)
Upload one or more images you'd like to have us showcase on our website login screen. Read the guidelines above about what sort of photos are suitable. Send us as many as you want, then we can pick the ones that are most suitable
Give us a link you'd like users to be directed to when they click this image. If in doubt, use your homepage
I own the copyright of these images
You need to own the copyright for this image. This means you can't use a stock image, and usually means you can't use a photo taken by someone else, unless they assigned you copyright
License us to use it*
I grant Zeald Ltd a non-exclusive, perpetual right to use this image on the website manager login screen
Grant us the right to use the image. This isn't exclusive (you still own the image and can license it to others), but we need to be able to use it forever, and we may need to modify the image (eg to crop or resize it).
Description of your business
A brief description of your business and/or the photo. Ideally keep it to one sentance, otherwise we'll have to edit it for length
In order to assist us in reducing spam, please type the characters you see:
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