Getting help from our support team (Copy)

If you have searched our Online Help and are not able to find the answer to your query it is probably time to talk to a real person. 


Getting instant help online

You'll see this at the bottom of the website manager, help site and other places where you might need a helping hand. This is the fastest and best way to contact us, as we can help you while you work and we have a button to click that may allow us to see your screen, which really short-cuts the process of figuring out what's going on and giving you the answers you need.
  1. Click on the instant help box:
     Selection 139
  2. The box will pop open : give us your name and email (in case we get cut-off, this helps us get back to you):
    Selection 151
  3. Let us know what you're trying to do or what help we can provide.  Because our support team can, at times, see what page you're on, we already know a lot more than we would if you were to email or call us, so we can give you the fastest possible answers, plus, if you get interrupted by a phone call, customer or staff member, you can continue on the conversation at your own pace:
    Selection 152

Talk to us, or email us

We're also still accessible the old-fashioned way, on the phone or via email:

Talk to our support team
Free phone: NZ - 0508 932 748         AUS - 1800 224 032
Live chat: Bottom right hand corner in Website Manager

Business hours: 9am-5pm Monday - Friday (NZ time)


What to do in an outage

We take outages very seriously. We do our very best to avoid serious outages and are continually working to improve reliability. Unfortunately sometimes outages do happen. Be prepared for an emergency before it happens. What to do in an outage

After hours support

Zeald offer a 24/7 paid after hours support service, just incase there is something that can't wait for the next working day. Learn about our Paid after hours support service

Perhaps you are not happy?

We can't make everyone happy all of the time, but we will definitely do our very best to. If you have a problem, we need to know so we can work it out Talk to Sean

Finding the answers

Helping you get answers to your website questions is Support's number one concern. At Zeald, Support is more than one person telling you what to do. Support at Zeald is an entire system.
Learn how to find the answers

Service levels

Phone: When you call you will get through 80% of the time, that is our answer rate target. If the phones are busy, you can choose to hold or leave a message. If you leave a message, we will call you back within 3 business hours.
Email us: during business hours and we will respond on the same day.
Leave a comment in our help files: We promise an 8 business hour response for any comments posted in our online help.
Fixing bugs:  3 working days to respond to any bugs logged for our development team to investigate. In most cases we will have fixed the problem or advise you of a solution. On occasion our developers may have difficulty replicating the bug or require more information.