Electronic Goods

Features and technical specifications of the Electronic Goods add-on can be viewed on the Online Store.

To add an Electronic Good, such as an E-Book, PDF, or MP3 file to your items;
  • In Website Manager click on the Items tab
  • Add a new top-level category, or if you already have the category, click on the category and click Add New Item
  • Under Type, select Downloadable
  • Fill out the details such as Title, Short and Detailed Description, as well as uploading any Images you may wish to upload
  • Under Ebook info, enter the Date if desired, and most importantly select Browse to find the PDF/MP3/E-Book etc and click Open
Ebook info.png
  • Fill out any other fields and information like you would creating a non Electronic Good, and press Save
Once a visitor has purchased the Electronic Good, they will receive an email with the download link. The link is only valid for two days so the purchaser will have to download within 48 hours or lose the ability to download the item.

Electronic Goods Delivery Method

If you sell physical items as well as downloadable or Electronic Goods on your website, it would be ideal to set you delivery methods based on weight. You will need to set your downloadable item to be 0 weight, and also adjust your delivery methods.

eg if you had 0 - 2 kgs at $5.00 as the delivery fee, it would be a good idea to adjust your weight range to something like 0 - 0.0001 kg at $0.00, and then create 0.0001 - 2 at $5.00
This way, those who purchase the Electronic Good will not pay for shipping!