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ZEST Monthly

Zest Monthly Subscriptions are designed to provide you with everything you need to make the most out of your website on an ongoing basis.

All Zest Monthly Subscriptions are made up of the following key components:

  • Website Hosting & Security
  • Support
  • In-built Email Marketing System
  • Maintenance, Research and Development
  • Access to free Strategy & Advice.

Website Hosting & Security

All Zest Monthly Subscriptions come with a range of options to suit businesses of any size.

Hosting includes a free SSL certificate, continuous monitoring and anti-hacking security giving you great peace of mind. At this point in time, none of our ZEST websites has ever been hacked which is a phenomenal achievement considering the volume of websites that we build and host.

Picking the right Zest Monthly subscription for your business is critical in ensuring your website can cater to the number of visitors you will get. The number of contacts in your Customer Database is a good basis for this. However, there are a number of other factors which may influence this, such as the extent of customisations built on your website.

Your Digitial Business Strategist will help you determine the right plan that best fits your business.

Note: If your website is customised, it may require a more advanced hosting package than that determined by database size.

Website Hosting & Security



The Zeald Support Team are available to help you find answers to your website questions by email, phone and live chat. The team is available Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm NZDT, excluding public holidays.

There is a full site back-up every 24 hours with recovery available dating back weeks/months. If you accidentally delete critical information or data, it is not lost forever.

We also offer a paid 24/7 after-hours support service just in case there is something that can't wait for the next working day.

We do our very best to avoid outages and are continually working to improve our website reliability. However, if something happens after-hours, Zeald has a free after-hours emergency support service to make sure things are up and running as soon as possible.

Our ZEST online help is available to you or any of your chosen website administrators to use 24/7.

In-Built Email Marketing

Having an In-Built Email Marketing system that is deeply integrated into the website makes it much easier to build and maintain an email database.

The most successful online businesses use engaging emails to their customer database to underpin their marketing activities. Your Zest Monthly Subscription makes this easier than ever before by having an inbuilt email marketing system ready to go when your site is launched.

Your Zest Monthly Subscription has several tiers that are tied to the number of contacts in your database.

You will be able to send up to 10 messages per month to your contact list. If your database is over the contact limit or you need to send more than 10 emails per month, you may attract overage charges.

In-Built Email Marketing

Maintenance, Research & Development

Maintenance, Research & Development

We are continually maintaining, improving, and developing ZEST. Your website will be built on top of this system and you will benefit from its ongoing development. The ongoing investment is funded out of the Zest Monthly Subscription that is paid by all our ZEST customers. Essentially, you benefit not only from the monthly subscription you pay but the subscription paid by all our ZEST customers.

Strategy & Advice

Included in your Zest Monthly subscription is access to your Digital Business Strategist team. If, at any time, you would like free advice on how to improve your business' adoption of online technology, this team is at your disposal.

Strategy & Advice

Starter Zest Subscription $49 + gst

This entry-level hosting package is designed for lead generation websites that are just launching as traffic levels and the number of customers the website services grows.

The Starter Level Zest Subscription is designed to handle traffic levels we see in businesses with a Contact Databases of up to 1000.

Standard Zest Subscription $99 + gst

This hosting package is designed for busier lead generation websites or entry-level Ecommerce websites.

The Standard Level Zest Subscription is designed to handle traffic levels we see in businesses with a Contact Databases of up to 2500.

Enterprise Zest Subscription $499 + gst

If your website has become the most important lead generation or sales channel for your organisation, you want the benefits of 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime and a lightning-fast Content Delivery Network. The Enterprise Level Zest Subscription is designed to handle the high traffic demands we see in businesses with Contact Databases of up to 50,000.

Enterprise Dedicated Server Zest Subscription $699 + gst

When you develop into a market leader the traffic volumes you experience will be significant. At this level of Zest Subscription, we provide a dedicated virtual private server that has 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime.

The Enterprise Dedicated Server Subscription is designed to handle the high traffic demands we see in businesses with a Contact Databases of up to 100,000.

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Basic Package (Ecommerce)

Website, basic planning, ecom template design (+mobile), simple template-based homepage content creation, reactive/automated project management, up -to 5 included stock photos, Google Analytics setup. Template product page, shopping cart, payment gateway included.

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SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate creates an encrypted connection between your website and your customer. This connection allows information to be transmitted so hackers can't steal the data "in transit" as it travels over the internet. An SSL Certificate also verifies that your website belongs to you and signals to your customers that this is a 'quality and secure site'. When the SSL is installed on your website, it displays a padlock and the https protocol in the browser address bar.

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Single Small Change

One-off charge for a website change that you would like us to do for you.

* A “job” is defined as a single small change when one of our content specialists, graphic designers or software engineers can do it in 30 minutes or less without needing to contact or liaise with you.
We will contact you if your job is going to take more than this, with a quote to complete the job on a time and materials basis. Jobs do not include quality assurance, if tweaks are required after the job is complete, these can be logged as another small change, you can make as many tweaks as you want but these each use one “job slot”. Jobs must be submitted through our online job submission portal. Only available on our core supported platforms.
excl GST

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Website Changes Monthly Subscription

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Website Fast Track

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