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Spinach & Chargrilled Red Capsicum Zany Zeus Cheesecake

* Suitable for Vegetarians



  • 200g red capsicum, chargrilled, diced (tin ones are great)
  • 125g water crackers,crushed
  • 2 tablespoons grated parmesan
  • 60g butter,melted
  • 120g baby spinach leaves
  • 3 eggs,lightly beaten
  • 250g Zany Zeus Cream Cheese
  • 200g Zany Zeus Ricotta
  • 150g Zany Zeus Zingy Chilli Feta or Herbed Feta (crumbled)
  • salt & pepper to season
  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees

  2. Grease a deep round 20cm springform tin and place on a lined baking tray

  3. Combine the crushed crackers and parmesan in a bowl, stir through melted butter and mix till well combined. Press the cracker mixture in the base of the prepared tin and with the back of a spoon flatten till smooth. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes.

  4. Place spinach in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Drain when wilted and rinse under cold water. Drain again and chop roughly. Place eggs, cheese, salt & pepper in a food processor and process for 1-2min until smooth.

  5. Pour cheese mixture into a bowl, add the spinach and capsicum and stir till combined.

  6. Pour the mixture over your biscuit base, bake for 40-50min or until set.

  7. Stand for 10min before releasing tin. Cut into wedges and serve.

Great served hot or cold.

Serve with crusty bread or crackers as a side or with a salad as a main meal.

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