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Our Vision
To be the obvious choice and preferred suppliers of top quality Beauty technology, equipment and products which provide an encompassing beauty and income creation solution.
To enable us to achieve this vision we believe in building partnerships with our clients that reach far deeper than the delivery of equipment and products. Once a business begins achieving outstanding customer results in a safe manner by means of our high quality equipment, a better quality of life for each customer is attained. These results in customers coming back time and time again making this business both sustainable and successful! 
It is our quest to add value to your business. It is our goal to ensure that, once you have acquired your machine, your business WILL flourish. 
By ensuring that YOU are successful we achieve our vision! Youth Beauty originated in South Africa by founder Willie Vermeulen. He is the father of Ilse Vermeulen, the Managing Director for Youth Beauty New Zealand.
Youth Beauty New Zealand have been building client relationships and supplying top quality brands at competitive prices to the industry in New Zealand since 2006.
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Company Mission
Youth Beauty is committed to showing you how to:
  • Work Smarter - earning greater levels of income in a shorter period of time
  • Maximize the use of their employee resources
  • Create an unforgettable and compelling experience for customers with undisputable results!
Youth Beauty works with clients to develop a pervasive strategy for long-term success:
  • Our team of trainers and professionals are committed to quality in all aspects of our business. This includes equipment quality, training quality and consistent follow-through and client nurturing by our team!
  • We work hand in hand with our clients to make recommendations based on experience, up-skill employees and, in general, to enhance their respective businesses
  • We arrange on-going highly effective advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients with impressive case studies and advertising material
  • We update you on all the latest research and equipment findings.
  • When you become our client you belong to the Youth Beauty team enabling you to dip into our pool of experience and positional insights
  • In a highly competitive industry such as this one, your investment in our equipment and working partnership with Youth Beauty can only prove to be a dual asset to your business!
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