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Size  30ml



Lymphomyosot® Oral Drops 30 mL

Immune & Lymphatic support:
In a multicenter observation study involving 3,512 patients and 264 doctors, Zenner and Metelmann, reported the efficacy of Lymhomyosot in a wide range of indications including lymphoedemas of various origins, inflammatory or infectious conditions of the upper respiratory tract and general susceptibility to infections. In acute diseases, the average duration of treatment was approximately 1-3 weeks, Whereas treatment lasted from 1-3 months in chronic and recurrent conditions, sometimes for as long as 6 months. In addition to being compatible with a variety of other therapeutic strategies, Lymphomyosot has been successfully used to treat a wide variety of inflammatory acute and chronic conditions such as sinusitis or tonsillitis.

Why you should use Lymphomyosot:
  •     A unique and effective preparation for the lymphatic system
  •     Wide range of therapeutic applications (acute and long term support)
  •     Suitable for long-term therapy and well-tolerated
  •     Compatible with other medications, including allopathic therapies
  •     No known side-effects
  •     Maintain healthy immune system
  •     Promoting natural detoxification
  •     Assisting resolution of fluid retention

In a nutshell, Heel Lymphomyosot may be helpful in the following
•Assists Detoxification
• Helps Treat Fluid Retention
•Helps Maintain Peripheral Circulation

Active Ingredients
contains: Aranea diadema 6X 50 mg; Calcium phosphoricum 12X 50 mg; Equisetum hyemale 4X 50 mg; Ferrum iodatum 12X 100 mg; Fumaria officinalis 4X 50 mg; Gentiana lutea 5X 50 mg; Geranium robertianum 4X 100 mg; Levothyroxine sodium 12X 50 mg; Myosotis arvensis 3X 50 mg; Nasturtium aquaticum 4X 100 mg; Natrium sulphuricum 4X 50 mg; Pinus sylvestris 4X 50 mg; Sarsaparilla 6X 50 mg; Scrophularia nodosa 3X 50 mg; Teucrium scorodonia 3X 50 mg; Veronica officinalis 3X 50 mg. Contains alcohol, water.

Helps maintain blood circulation to the peripheral areas of the body such as the legs, hands and feet. Assists or aids in the treatment of fluid retention.

Available in 2 sizes:
30ml and 100ml

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