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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) has been clinically tested and used throughout the world for over 20 years, FDA approved devices are being used increasingly in the USA.  This therapy has been proven to positively influence cells, organs, bones and the organic system.  It has been shown to stimulate and enhance the vital process of the body! We have customers who have been able to deal with chronic pain with the use of PEMF therapy. Bones or wounds that are slow to heal? This would be our treatment of choice in these situations.

What are some of the basic beneficial actions PEMFs will have in my body?

  • Increased Circulation
  • Enhanced Muscle Function
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Bone Healing
  • Blood Oxygenation

Reported PEMF Benefits:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Faster Functional Recovery
  • Reduced Muscle loss after surgery
  • Increased tensile strength of ligaments
  • Faster healing of skin wounds
  • Enhanced capillary formation
  • Accelerated nerve regeneration
  • Reduced tissue necrosis
As you can see, the research and testing has been thorough over many years, and it just keeps getting better.

It seems the more research that is done, the more untapped potential of the vast healing opportunities that exist are exposed.

For the US FDA to accept PEMF, it must be accompanied with proof of the results, the results cannot be disputed and we continue to be inspired to get the information out to many more people.

The results is what is important to us and of course to you as the customer.

Call the clinic and make your appointment to experience the medicine of the future, RIGHT NOW!

This document has been created to provide a basic understanding of how magnetic fields, especially PEMFs, work in the body. In addition to these basic balancing actions, magnetic fields also help with many other functions and conditions, and new ones are discovered regularly.

Some of these other actions include:
• reducing muscle tension
• improving tissue healing
• reducing pain
• increasing energy
• improving clotting factors
• slowing the development of arthritis
• stimulating the immune system
• helping the body to detoxify
• improving the uptake of nutrients
• reducing blood pressure
• helping nerve function
• helping liver function
• balancing the acupuncture meridians
• improving sleep
• making soft tissue more flexible
• reducing arthritic changes

Attributes of PEMF. How Does PEMF Work?

1. Atomic excitement/electron spin to increase and store energy.

2. Molecules tend to align slightly with each magnetic pulse, making them easier to combine, especially when excited.

3. The pH shifts a hundred times more alkaline, which allows better oxygen uptake, and suppresses some harmful entities.

4. The viscosity shifts on the order of 16 fold, allowing liquids to flow into cell gates, or lymph to thin and flow.

5. Red blood cells separate (probably all take a positive charge and repel each other) in minutes, allowing more surface area to transport oxygen.

6. Relaxing of the vascular system within minutes of completing a session, which drops blood pressure by up to twenty percent 30 minutes after.

7. Wound healing increases by 30%. There is systemic response to the sessions as though the body’s functions have been fine tuned, or turbo charged. Many different problems get better, often not the targeted problems only, but things not expected to get better.

8. Bone mending, the quality of calcium, is one-third normal time, and the skin of the bone seems to develop cells more like the DNA dictates.

9. Electroporation is the phenomena wherein the cells gates open to allow more passage of solvent (H20) to dissolve toxins, or allow better delivery of a medicine or herbs.a medicine or herbs

10. Sodium potassium exchange, which is documented in a US Army study to reduce pain, often within minutes of treatment.

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