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The Arms of Adoration (7.6.10)

The arms of adoration reach out and enfold: take a new child to the bosom, take a new child from the birth pangs, take a new child into a family, take a new child with a promise, take a new child of discovery, take a ...

The Plight of A Child (5.5.11)

Blessed are those who alleviate the plight of a child. Blessed are those who forestall the plight of a child. Blessed are those who address the plight ...

The Consecration of A Child (25.2.14)

The consecration of a child is close to The Father’s heart - together with the consecration of the spirit which waited in His presence: now before the face of man; now attesting to a future relationship with God; ...

The Crying of A Child (27.2.14)

signs of something trivial, signs of something dreadfully wrong; signs of fright, signs of fear, signs of pain endured, signs of discomfit, signs of som...

The Loving of A Child (4.3.14)

is a sacrifice of self, a sacrifice of time, a sacrifice of wealth, a sacrifice where emotions are at stake, has overtures of care, of teaching, of training, of correction, of nourishment, of shelter, of clothing, of growth...

The Healing of A Child (5.3.14)

banishes the stronghold from existence with the evaporation of the causes, is a joy to behold: removes the burdens, installs the blessings, carries the ...

The Teaching of A Child (9.3.14)

is not as simple as it sounds, is not as simple as it seems, is not as simple as imagined, is complex and enduring, is satisfying and rewarding, is emoti...

The Games of Young Men (26.4.10)

play speak of a waste of time, speak of a waste of lifestyle, speak of a waste of manhood; play in the shadows of antennae waste the youth of man, waste ...

The Goals of A Young Woman (3.7.10)

can leave tears upon a pillow, can leave tears upon a handkerchief, can leave tears upon a shoulder; should not be bedded in her tears; can be easily imposed, can be easily can be easily implanted, can be easily impair...

The Blooming of The Youth (5.12.12)

The blooming of the youth can be in their response to the first falling of the call of God, of a life thereafter filled with service and of rectitude, with purpose and achievement, with knowledge and commitment ...

New Life (3.2.11)

New life is the blessing of the parents, attaches value to the effort, provides a purpose to the season, seeks growth as the stimulant of love. New life is not a toy within the cradle, is not a punching ball for fists, is ...

Honour Your Family Members - Edict 5 (16.11.12)

Edict Five from The Heavens unto The Earth. Honour your parents; honour your grand parents; honour your siblings, honour your children, honour your grand children, honour your in-laws: that all may be well within...


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