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7. How Do We Prepare for an Ongoing Life with God?

The Character and Mettle of Man (20-25.8.08)

I am changing the ether of the earth. I am changing the very ether that is the breath of man, that the mettle of man shall be tested before me. And the mettle of man shall be sharpened as an axe on the grinding wheel. ...

The Slaughter of The Innocent (4.9.08)

From the beginning of creation we have held to our dictum that the life of man has purpose; that the Spirit of life has significance beyond the understanding of man, that the soul of life, the soul of man, must grow to ...

The Roar of The Lion of Judah (7.9.08)

The Lion Roars to get attention. The Lion Roars to gather the witnesses. The Lion Roars in defiance of the darkness. The Roar of The Lion precedes his presence; The Roar of The Lion brings consternation ...

The Churches in The Mountains, ROAR of The Lion (9.9.08)

“I speak to the churches in the mountains of the islands of the seas, the isolated islands of the seas, the uttermost islands of the seas, the islands that I have blessed in the presence of The Father...

The Responsibility of Freewill (27.9.08)

The Glory of the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord, the Revelation of the Lord bestows, declares, foretells the actions of the Lord. For the Spirit of the Lord esteems the freewill of man that man may love and serve with ...

The Lioness and The Lion (10.10.08)

The will of the lioness is to protect her cubs, to nurture her cubs, to prepare them for an enduring life as they mature. The lioness is at the centre of the pride of the lion; the lioness is the mantle of the lion; the lioness ...

The Sin Beneath The Veil (12.10.08)

“As I, The Lord, spoke to My people through the prophets in times past, so I still speak to My prophets – My prophets whom I call, My prophets to whom I entrust My written and My spoken word. Great is their respo...

The Intent of The Lord (23.10.08)

The power of fellowship amongst the saints is the strength of the Church across the races of man; is the security of the orphans and the widows, is the feeding of the body, the souls and the spirits, each according t...

The Hurdles of Man (26.10.08)

The fear of man precedes the fear of God, stultifies the fear of God, proscribes the fear of God, lies within the soul, commands inertia towards God, is driven by the obsequiousness of man, is relegated to from whence it...

The Battlements of The Mind (28.10.08)

protect or expose the spirit and the soul, stand or fall according to the wisdom available within, withstand the storming of the mind, must repel the onslaught of invaders, must be prepared to fight, can conquer with the ...

The Turning Points in Life (30.10.08)

I, The Lord, speak to all those who read, all those who hear, all those who would take notice of the saying of the Lord. Life is to be highly valued by the lifestyles of man. The opportunities of life bring either growth or ...

The Fickleness of Man (1.11.08)

is to be deplored; invites derision of his mind; points to lack of zeal, lack of objective, the absence of a goal within the life of man. The absence of a goal leads to the wanderings of man. The wanderings of man may lea...


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