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12. Grace of The Lord

The Drumbeat of The Tree (10.6.10)

The sickness of man is as a result of the diet of man, is as a result of the atmosphere of man, is as a result of the environment of man, is as a result of the clothing of man, is as a result of the care of man, is as a result of ...

The Marching of The Saints (16.6.10)

is music to the ears of God, speaks of a people on the move, with a goal in mind, of having a target for attainment, is not in-step, is not continuous, is to the songs of heralds, to the songs of approbation, to the...

The Sermon of The Lord (20.6.10)

is not for interruption, is not for a break in communication, is not to contain a fractured sentence uncompleted; is as the knife-edge of the truth, cuts to the very point, holds the knife of circumcision pointed...

The Offer of My Grace (25.6.10)

I, The Lord, speak to the peoples of all nations: who speak with differing tongues; who hate their neighbours; who will not share their tables with travellers from across a boundary, from across a river, from across a…

The Fragrance of The Spirit (25.6.10)

is a delight on the nose of man, has his attention without an instant of delay, causes his head to turn in searching for the source; comes in confirmation of His presence, comes as a sign to man, comes to the nose ...

The Wind of The Spirit (26.6.10)

can stir the spirit from passivity, can stir a windstorm of activity in the life of man, can stir the placid waters of the soul, can bring man prostrate on the earth, can bring man to repentance ready for the ministry of God.

The Altar of The Lamb (28.6.10)

is the shewbread of The Lord, has no curtain to exclude, has no curtain to exclude, may be approached within the fear of God, portrays the cross of brokenness - which broke the impasse of the centuries, the ...

The Scrolls of The Lord (24.7.10)

are not difficult to read, are not difficult to receive, are neither difficult for the spirit nor the soul; contain the message for this time, the message for the full embodiment of man, the message with a tug onto the path of ...

The Locus of The Lord (24.7.10)

This day I, The Lord Jesus, The Son of God, The Messiah of The Jews, The Christ of the New Testament, The I AM, The Way, The Light to all of Man, speak from the foundations of the heavens to the tribe of man. ...

The Oil of The Spirit (30.7.10)

is real upon the palm, is real upon the countenance, is real when The Spirit falls with the intent to oil, comes with sheen upon the skin, comes with evidence before the eyes, comes with transfer of a handclasp, a greeti...

The Birthday of The Son (1.12.10)

broke the heavens open, brought prophecy to the fore, foreshadowed the reconciliation of both heaven and the earth, of all which is therein contained, of all flesh which thereon exists, saw the handshaker of creation ...

The Appeal of The Lord (2.2.11)

This day, I, The Lord Jesus Christ, write to you, via My scribe, that you may become the friend of God for which you were intended. For this day I would have you meet with Me with an enquiring mind. For I love ...


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