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2nd Book Reviews                                'GOD Speaks in His Scrolls On The Website of The Lord'


  BK2 God Speaks in His Scrolls 2nd Ed Fcover 228x321x268dpi Published in New Zealand, in September 2011, is this NZ printed A5 paperback of 548 pages. It is printed in 10pt Times New Roman font on quality paper with a high-gloss laminated cover. This 2nd book has a triple Table of Contents listing in order of receipt, alphabetically, and by category.
   ' GOD Speaks in His Scrolls On The Website of The Lord' is composed of the receipt of Divine scrolls, declared expressly for this season of man, directly from the voice of God.
   The Lord Jesus, on Pp V - VII by way of introduction and as His testimony, describes this book, which He has dictated, by saying, in part:

   ”So the God of Love speaks the truth to man; has never lied to man, has never exaggerated to improve an offer, has never exaggerated what lies behind the gates of Hell.
  So the God of Love lays His Book of Scrolls before you as on The Website of The Lord – so man may assimilate, may query, may attest, may accept, may reject, may affirm, the precious things of God.
   For this is as a table set for guests: My fare laid open for consumption, My fare for the taste buds of the mouth of man, My fare for the feeding of the multitudes, My fare of transportation back to the presence of God, My fare of transformation for a journey beyond the grave. For this is the fare of God where the price of the ticket is already paid in full.
   So I, The Lord Jesus, say to man this day – As man approaches a destiny, so will he be assigned by his confession. As man dies, so will he be raised from the grave. As man is raised, so will he be judged. As man lives within freewill, so speech and actions will convict or glorify. As man forsakes The Son, so shall The Father know the silence of The Lord. As man fails to qualify as a son, so shall he be vanquished from the garden.
   So I, The Lord Jesus, say to man this day – it is not the will of The Loving God to have man place himself in surroundings reserved for others.”

   As the 165 scrolls are each complete in themselves and are generally from 1 to 6 pages in length (the longest extends to 18 pages), the book may be picked up and put down at the reader's convenience without the need to keep in mind the thread of an on-going storyline other than that of the love of The Lord. The scrolls are presented, within eleven categories: of His good news; of His return; of His banner; of His love; of preparation; of the end of time; carried by The Cross; of the website of The Lord; of His grace; of divine commentary on the 12 chapters of the book of Daniel; of divine commentary on the 22 chapters of the book of Revelation.
   This book also speaks of living victoriously within a commitment to the Christian Faith and of being fully prepared for The Lord’s second coming. The subject matter is of major importance to every Christian, every Atheist and every Agnostic, being addressed to all the peoples of the earth for this time, within this season.

Books are readily accessed for reading from: NZ Public Libraries
and from the Library at Avarua, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands (June 2014).


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