Get to know us

With roots firmly in the Kiwi woolshed, New Zealand's much-loved yarn lady, Margaret, has taken her love of brightly-dyed yarns to the doorsteps of people all around the country. 

As an energetic and vibrant grandmother she is passionate about colour and yarn - yarn-dyeing was a hobby that grew into a lifetime love. She had put many things down to help care for her young grandchildren, but has picked up knitting and her love for all things woolly to make them “fabulous, colourful, amazing clothes”. When she started making clothes for their friends too, SquishyMcDo started to grow.

Where does the name "SquishyMcDo come from?"  People who have bought Margaret's yarn have said her yarn is the "squishiest yarn they have ever bought and its a pleasure to work with". So that's where the Squishy part came from. The "McDo" part of the name is the first four letters of her grandchildren's surname. Margaret continues to be encouraged, inspired by them both and all that comes in goes back to them. So for her it is a natural joining, and how SquishyMcDo was given its name.

I welcome all people to share in my love of yarn, and enjoy the healing properties of yarn next to your body. The warmth and colour can bring such wholeness to life.

One stitch at a time, one garment at a time, one woven fabric at a time..... together we can create and make.

I love working with the undyed natural yarn that comes from the farms in New Zealand. I believe in supporting local.
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