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The Look

Our furniture comes in the following finishes:


This is a traditional French Polished method which has an aged surface with tear outs and scalloped tops. The surface has chain marks from the french polishers work. The edges of the furniture are worn and rounded in areas. This approach gives it a worn look and feel.

Aging a


This is a more modern finish where the surface is flat and smooth with no distressing. The furniture has straight defined edges and this gives off a more contemporary look and feel.


The Colour

Our furniture comes in a variety of stain options:
 Stains a

Please note that the colour of the furniture may vary slightly from the samples due to the natural differences in the timbers grain. The samples are intended as an indicative representation of the expected colour.

Painted & Custom

We offer many other varieties of finishes/colours for individual needs. These range from sand blasted to high gloss painted. Please enquire if you have something specific you would like us to do.

About Us
Southern Creations & Davies Furniture are based in Christchurch and for over 50 years they have been crafting high quality furniture from their purpose built Design Workshop.
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