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Coffee is our business, we take it very seriously

From the selection of premium and specialty grade green beans, through to roasting, cupping and blending, the art of perfect coffee production is alive and well at Roma Coffee.

We pride ourselves on using "old school" Italian roasting techniques to produce fresh roast coffee beans with a distinct New Zealand style.  Sure our traditional Italian drum roaster can be expensive and inconvenient at times, but we love her anyway.  The consistent balanced result this type of roaster delivers, can't be beaten by any other method.

While "pre blending" (the roasting of two or more coffee origins together at the same time) saves a huge amount of time, its not the way we do things at Roma Coffee.  The unique taste profile of each coffee type can only be ensured by indvidually roasting the various single origins.

After resting for two days we then combine origins together to create blends with a flavour greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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