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Disclosure Requirement

You must provide us with honest and complete information (Disclosure of Material Fact - see definition below*). You have a legal obligation to do so.

You must notify us if anything changes throughout the course of your insurances.

Failure to do so could result in your insurer not meeting a claim, or your policy being made void from the beginning.

We cannot be responsible for any consequences of your failure to disclose material information.

* Material Fact, by definition - “A fact which expression (concealment) would reasonably result in a different decision, e.g. Falsification of a material fact in such a manner that, had the insurance company known the truth, it would not have insured the risk - OR Misrepresentation of a material fact gives an insurance company grounds to rescind a contract.”

Should you have any doubt as to whether information is material please discuss your concerns with us by calling 0800 722 369.


Why wouldn't you insure with FastTrack and
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Whilst NZTR and HRNZ endorses the FastTrackinsurance initiative, BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited is solely responsible for the promotion, sale and all related insurance matters of the Specified Insurance Policies being sold via this website. FastTrackinsurance is a division of BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd.


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