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Logic for Lawyers 2018

Logic for Lawyers 2018
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Most lawyers’ logical intuitions are strong enough to permit smooth navigation most of the time through webs of complex legal arguments without error. Still, unfamiliarity with logic and argument form limits a lawyer’s analytical oversight. This makes him or her vulnerable to committing or overlooking mistakes of reasoning that can affect the outcome of cases.

Studying the principles of inductive and deductive reasoning thus significantly benefits trial work, contract drafting, adjudicative practice – any area that calls itself “law”. To be sure, appeals to sentiment or self-interest, and “value-judgments” influence the law. Yet as one appellate court has stated, “Every legal analysis should begin at the point of reason, continue along a path of logic and arrive at a fundamentally fair result.”

Attend this workshop to learn a practical framework and gain specific analytical tools for working with legal arguments. The workshop provides sufficiently complete, but short and concise descriptions of those argument forms and logical fallacies (errors of reasoning) most relevant to legal practice.

This workshop will cover:

  • Workshop goals
  • Introduction to inductive reasoning and deductive logic
    – Introduction to the terms of basic argument
  • The comfort and cunning of deductive reasoning
  • Categorical syllogisms
  • If’s, And’s, and Or’s
    – Hypothetical, conjunctive and disjunctive syllogisms
  • Case law analysis.

Learning objectives

To help you:

  • Refine and develop your ability to logically identify and weigh critical issues.
  • Formulate reasoned and cogent arguments.


The workshop will include a mix of lecture, discussion, and case law analysis. Emphasis will be placed on developing a practical understanding of the forms of argument most common in legal practice. Numbers are limited to 32 participants.


Some reading material will be sent to participants prior to the workshop. The course materials will be given to participants when they register on the day.


  • 9.00am - 4.00pm


  • Professor Douglas Lind, Virginia Tech, USA

Fee (incl GST)


  • $495 - NZLS members and Associate members
  • $545 - Non-members
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Wellington 15 October
Auckland 18 October

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