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Interest on Money Claims

Publication Date: 12-Mar-2018

Author: Paul Michalik

NZ $50.00

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The New Financial Markets Conduct Act - an introduction

Publication Date: 19-Jun-2014

Authors: Liam Mason, Jeremy Muir, Mark Stuart

NZ $80.00
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Financial Markets Conduct Act Reforms

Publication Date: 30-Oct-2013

Authors: Liam Mason, Roger Wallis

NZ $35.00

Multiple Registration

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009

Publication Date: 31-Oct-2012

Author: Lloyd Kavanagh

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

Risk Management for Boards

Publication Date: 24-Oct-2012

Authors: John Waller, Michael Webb

NZ $25.00

Multiple Registration

New NZLS Property Guidelines

Publication Date: 31-Jul-2012

Authors: Robbie Muir, Duncan Terris

NZ $70.00

Multiple Registration

Corporate Governance Intensive - best practice in a modern environment

Publication Date: 21-Jun-2012

Authors: Colin Carruthers, Stephen Franks, The Hon Justice Paul Heath, David Jones, Cathy Quinn, Michael Webb

NZ $70.00

Multiple Registration

Lending and Securities - changes to consumer and commercial credit laws

Publication Date: 05-Jun-2012

Authors: Sarah Simmers and Stuart Walker

NZ $90.00

Multiple Registration

Social Media and the Law

Publication Date: 02-Apr-2012

Authors: Richard Best and Andrew Scott-Howman

NZ $70.00

Multiple Registration

Financial Markets Authority - consultation on effective disclosure - 2012

Publication Date: 01-Mar-2012

Authors: Sue Brown, Simone Robbers

NZ $25.00

Multiple Registration

Emissions Trading Scheme Intensive

Publication Date: 26-Oct-2011

Author(s): Laura Cooper, Lisa Daniell, Alastair Hercus, Mark Higgins, Brent Lewers, Kate Redgewell

NZ $50.00

Multiple Registration

Valuation and Expert Financial Evidence in Relationship Property Matters

Publication Date: 07-Apr-2011

Author(s): Brendan Lyne, Robyn von Keisenberg

NZ $60.00

Multiple Registration

The New District Court Process - a radical change

Publication Date: 03-Aug-2009

Author(s): Judge Rod Joyce, Simon Judd, Dean Russ, Judge Tom Ingram, Judge Colin Doherty

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Competition Law for Non-Specialists

Publication Date: 29-Jun-2009

Author(s): Matt Sumpter, Andy Nicholls

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Deception in Commercial Dealings

Publication Date: 25-Aug-2008

Author(s): David Goddard QC, Justice Terence Arnold

NZ $65.00

Multiple Registration

Intellectual Property for Non Specialists

Publication Date: 18-Aug-2008

Author(s): Greg Arthur, Matt Sumpter

NZ $55.00

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