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Varying Trust Deeds - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: May 2018
  • Authors: Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence

The drafting of trust deeds has changed enormously over the last 30 years. A common problem for trustees administering trusts is that circumstances have changed but there is limited ability for the trustees to adapt.

It is now common to see variation powers or powers of amendment included in trust deeds. These allow parties, usually the trustees, to make variations to terms of the trust where necessary to ensure the smooth running or proper administration of the trust. Where a trust deed requires variation, but does not contain an express variation power, there are still ways that the variation can be achieved.

This module will consider:

  • When and how to use express variation powers
  • Restrictions on varying appointors’ powers
  • Other powers that can be used to effect a variation (but which are not express powers of variation or amendment)
  • Documents and proceedings relating to variation
  • Example clauses to include when drafting
  • What changes can be expected under the proposed Trusts Bill.
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Winding Up a Trust - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: February 2018
  • Authors: Greg Neill, Ala Sonti

The landscape in relation to family trusts has changed significantly in recent years. Legislative developments, including the new Trusts Bill and rules relating to residential care subsidies, can mean that trusts are often no longer fit for their original purpose.

The benefits of using a trust may now no longer outweigh the costs involved with maintaining a trust. As a result, many advisors and their clients are now choosing to wind up their trust arrangements.

This module will discuss the issues to be alert to when advising clients considering winding up their family trust.

Topics covered will include:

  • The changing landscape
  • Understanding why clients may wish to wind up their trust
  • Reviewing the trust deed to ensure it has the appropriate powers
  • Matters to be taken in to account when winding up a trust
  • Indemnities & trustee liability
  • Outlining the possible tax implications of winding up a trust.

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Gifting Update - giving it all away - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: November 2017
  • Authors: Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly

Gifting arrangements and documentation needs to reflect the changing legal and regulatory environment and individual client’s circumstances. It is no longer appropriate to use standard sale and purchase, debt back and forgiveness of debt arrangements. There is no longer one standard or right approach: gifting documents need to be adapted to individual circumstances.

The nature and scope of gifting, and the lawyer’s role in advising, varies from one client to another. A thorough understanding of the “why” and “how” of gifting in this changing environment will help you to resolve possible problems.

This module will discuss potential complications, the key issues to be aware of and documentation best practice. It will consider the different solutions, along with the specific tools available to lawyers when advising your client about gifting.

Topics covered will include:

  • Gifting versus a loan, helping your client to clarify which is which
  • Presumption of advancement and the intention to make a gift
  • Capacity to make a gift, the signs to be aware of
  • Documentation best practice.

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