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Speaking Your Clients' Language - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: March 2018
  • Author: Brenda Ratcliff

Many lawyers say that the purpose of communication is to encourage clients, juries, bosses, and direct reports to act in a certain way. Why is it that many of us are left wondering why our clear advice does not motivate others, when it is clearly the right thing to do? Why are we tongue-tied when travelling four floors in the elevator with our boss? The answers to these two questions lie in understanding the motivation of your audience. When you match your language to what motivates others, then you can achieve a winning combination.

This module will enable you to think on your feet by helping you to understand common forms of motivation, and how to match your language to these common forms. This will help you be more articulate, influential, and enable you to avoid conversational de-railers which block action on your message.

This is a fresh way to think about motivation so that you can make your point in a way that resonates with your audience whoever they are.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why thinking about motivation is important
  • Creating emotional meaning leads to motivation, which leads to action
  • How others see the world
  • A new tool for speaking to client’s motivations
  • The importance of getting “the nod”.
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Flexible Working for Law Firms - 1 CPD hours

  • Publication date: November 2017
  • Author: Julia Shallcrass

Flexible working is one of the most effective ways to increase diversity and productivity within legal practice. Alternative options to fulltime work are becoming more popular, and while there are many benefits, these arrangements often create challenges that need to be addressed.

This module will provide practical guidance on how to create flexible working arrangements to engage a productive workforce as well as how to manage key challenges that are likely to emerge.

Join us for practical solutions to challenges around flexible work including:

  • The types of flexible work in legal practice
  • Benefits of flexible work for legal practice
  • How to create flexible working arrangements
  • Employer’s legal obligations around flexible work
  • When do you have to agree to flexible work?
  • What are the challenges for legal services around flexible work?
  • How do you overcome these challenges?
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Keeping Your Team (Including Millennials) Motivated - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: October 2017
  • Author: Ralph Brown

Less than half of New Zealand employees are fully engaged at work. What a waste!

This module draws on the research on motivation and leadership. It may totally change the way you think about leadership, or build your confidence that you are on the right track. Either way, you’ll discover practical ways you can motivate all your team.

Topics will include:

  • How to develop the culture of a high performing team
  • What really keeps employees engaged?
  • Six leadership styles and when they are appropriate
  • What the research reveals about millennials
  • How to lead staff who work from home or remote offices
  • How to help your team set and achieve goals
  • Ideas to help you be a more effective mentor
  • How to give feedback that motivates
  • A special kind of optimism – an outstanding characteristic of top performers in business, sport and leadership
  • How to develop your team’s resilience when the pressure is on, or a case goes against them. 
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Communicating Effectively - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: September 2017
  • Author: Hilary Bryan

How do you tune into someone who’s different from you? How do you build rapport? How do you plan for, and then hold, a successful interaction?

None of us have the same world view. We have different values, styles, and ways we process information. So you need to pick up clues from others and adapt your approach accordingly.

First, start with yourself. Be clear how you come across, the level of conversation you’re planning and your ego state. All will affect the other party. Then respond in a way that validates the other person’s world view. That way, you’ll build connection and trust.

This webinar will help you to raise your awareness of how you communicate. You’ll take away practical and positive ways you can communicate with others. Is all of this obvious? Far from it. This is a chance to reflect on your communication skills and put new techniques into action immediately.

In this webinar the presenter will highlight:
  • Ways to reflect on your own communication style
  • How to better connect with others: clients and colleagues
  • How to have more successful interactions.
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