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Employment & Discrimination - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: March 2016
  • Authors: Nic Scampion, Gillian Service

New Zealand is a progressive, liberal, multicultural nation with a history of strong legislative protection against discrimination. But discrimination exists and discrimination law is not always straightforward.

This module will consider unlawful discrimination in the workplace, how to prove/defend it, available remedies, and procedural issues to navigate along the way. It will look at recent case law from New Zealand and abroad and consider the lessons to be learned.

Topics covered will include:

  • An overview of the nature and types of discrimination and protected characteristics
  • The legislative framework
  • Areas in which discrimination can arise
  • Tips on how to formulate/defend a claim, how to prove/disprove discrimination
  • The main exemptions and exceptions
  • Guidance through the procedure
  • The main remedies.
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Employment Fundamentals - managing the relationship - 1 CPD hour

  • Publication date: May 2015
  • Authors: Bridget Smith, Andrea Twaddle

At the heart of the employment relationship is the principle of good faith, with employees and employers obliged to deal with each other fairly and reasonably at all times.

This module will consider key aspects of the employment relationship including good faith, changing terms, disciplinary action and performance management.

In considering these aspects, it will examine the practical implications of s 103A and s 4 of the Employment Relations Act 2000. Section 103A sets out a test for determining whether an employer’s actions were that of a fair and reasonable employer in the circumstances.

Advice to ensure a fair process will be covered from the perspectives of the employer and employee.

This module will also outline the factors to take into account when establishing whether a file is of sufficient complexity, or of a sensitive nature, to necessitate a referral to an experienced, specialist employment lawyer.

Additionally, it will look at, in what circumstances it would be advisable to recommend that a client engage the services of an independent investigator.
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Employment Law Pleadings - 1 CPD hour

  • Publication date: November 2014
  • Author: His Hon Chief Judge Graeme Colgan, David France

Drafting high quality pleadings and other documents in the Employment Relations Authority and in the Employment Court is essential to get the best outcome for your client.

This module will provide practical guidance including guidelines for drafting well organised, persuasive statements of problem and statements in reply as well as covering how to prepare effective witness statements for the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). It will also address compliance requirements and expectations for formal documents filed in an Employment Court proceeding.

What makes a well drafted statement of claim and statement of defence will be discussed and advice will be provided on what the Employment Court expects in interlocutory applications and from briefs of evidence. The webinar will be a “must attend” for all legal practitioners and advocates appearing before the ERA and the Employment Court.

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