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Can I register and pay online for CLE courses?

Yes. You will receive an automated response confirming that we have received your order.  You will receive another email from us once your payment has been received and processed.  If you have paid by credit card, you will notice on your order confirmation that this is also a GST receipt.

Who is a 'Member'?

'Members' are members of the New Zealand Law Society. If you have a practising certificate, you are a registered lawyer - this does not mean you are a 'Member'. If you are not a lawyer but an Associate Member of the NZLS you qualify for 'Members' rates.

How do I become a 'Member' of the NZLS?

As a practising lawyer you must keep a current practising certificate. When you pay your annual practising fee, you can opt on the registration form to become an NZLS 'Member'. Otherwise contact the NZLS Registry - 0800 22 30 30.

How do I become an Associate Member of the NZLS?

Contact the New Zealand Law Society here.

How do I get Members' pricing?

If you are an NZLS Member or an Associate Member you will qualify for Members' pricing. You will need to login before completing the purchase of your course if you wish to receive Members' pricing. You can either login under the 'myCLE' section or when you reach the 'Shopping Cart' you can login there.

Your username is your 6 digit NZLS registry (login) ID number. This number is also printed on your practicing certificate and each edition of your LawPoints. Due to security reasons we cannot give you your 6 digit NZLS registry (login) ID number. You can find out your username from the following options:

  • Go to the forgotten my details section of this website and fill in your information and your username and password will be sent to you. To visit this section click here.
  • You can find your ID number on any correspondence your have had from the NZLS registry, it is on the top right hand side of the letters.
  • You can contact the NZLS Registry on 0800 22 30 30 and they can send you your registry ID number (note: the NZLS Registry cannot supply your password).

If I want to register for a course online and it is full, what can I do?

You will not be able to register for a course online that is full - however the website will notify you of this and give you an email link to the Registrations Officer. Email the registrations officer asking to be put on the waiting list.

Are there any 'special' rates for registrations?

There is a members-only rate available to NZLS Members and Associate Members, and for intensives and conferences there may be a special lower fee if you register and pay before a certain date (usually four weeks from the date of the course).  We call that an 'Early Bird' rate. 

What is a voucher?

If you have been sent a NZLS CLE voucher, you can use it online - by logging into the website, choosing your course, then entering the code when you checkout.  Alternatively, you can send the voucher to us attached to your hard copy registration form.

Are there any courses for which I cannot register online? What do I do?

You can register for most courses online. There are a few courses for which you must register your interest in attending and pay but your 'registration' is in fact an application and a refund will be made if your application is not successful, eg Litigation Skills Programme.  You will be told of this situation when you seek to register for one of these particular courses. Where an application process is required, download the application form, complete it and send it, with payment to NZLS CLE Ltd.

How will I know my registration has been accepted?

The online registration process will acknowledge the receipt of your registration. If you have paid by credit card, this will be a GST invoice. Registration only happens once payment has been received. Then you will be sent a GST invoice.

In addition, you will receive confirming notification with any materials sent to you in advance of the programme. 

I am a new graduate/recently admitted lawyer - how do I know which courses I can register for?

You may register for all courses. If there is a restriction, the information for the particular course will outline it. You may pay at the 'Member' rate only if you are a 'Member' of the NZLS.

Will I get information just before the course telling me when, where, timing and what to bring?

If you are registered for a seminar or workshop, you will receive a ticket confirming the time and venue, and a booklet generally 4-5 days before the seminar. Before an intensive or conference you will receive a ticket (confirming time and venue) often you will receive an accompanying letter and sometimes, course materials. Usually the booklets are distributed at the intensive or conference.

Can I have my materials sent to somewhere other than my firm?

Yes. If you are registering online simply change the address (this change will only take effect for that particular order if you are an NZLS Member or an Associate Member). If you are registering by any other means, please put the alternate address on the registration form.

Can you invoice me for my registration?

With three convenient means of payment in advance, we do not provide invoicing for courses.  However, we do invoice members for publications.

Are there any spaces left in ... programme?

Contact us or call 0800 333 111.

Am I registered for...?

Contact us or call 0800 333 111. If you have an account you can check the 'Order Status' area under the 'myCLE' section to see what courses you have registered for.

Is it possible to register for only one of the days in a two-day conference?

Sometimes it is. See the relevant brochure.

Can I pay a registration fee without the dinner?

If there is a dinner included in the programme it is included in the registation fee.  The social event is an integral part of the conference. If there is a choice – it will be outlined in the brochure. Of course, there is no compulsion to attend.

What if I need to cancel? What do I do? Can I get a refund?

The refund policy for any programme is clearly set out on the brochure, or website information relating to a particular course.  If in doubt, please contact the registrations officer or call 0800 333 111.

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How do I shop online?

It is easy to shop online. You can purchase programmes and publications just follow the instructions. If you have a problem please contact us by emailing customer enquiries or call 0800 333 111.

What can I pay for online?

You can pay for all CLE course registrations and CLE booklets from past seminars, intensives and conferences. In general, the materials for introductory programmes are not available to anyone who does not attend the course. However, the booklets for Introduction to Residential Property and Introduction to Company Law are available for purchase.

If I register for a course online and it is full what can i do?

Please email the registrations officer giving clear details of the course and your contact details and ask to join the waitlist.

Where do I find the cost of a course?

The appropriate fees appear during the online registration process and are in the brochures for the courses.

Who is a 'Member'?

'Members' are members of the New Zealand Law Society. If you have a practising certificate, you are a registered lawyer - this does not mean you are a 'Member'.

If you are not a lawyer but an Associate Member of the NZLS you qualify for 'Members' rates.

How do I become a 'Member'?

As a practising lawyer you must keep a current practising certificate. When you pay your annual practising fee, you can opt on the registration form to become a 'Member'. Otherwise contact the Registry of the NZLS - 0800 22 30 30.

How do I become an Associate Member of the NZLS?

Contact the New Zealand Law Society here

How do I buy a booklet?

  • You may purchase online – go to Publications ... or
  • Ring NZLS CLE Ltd – 0800 333 111 - and make an order. The booklet/s will be posted to you with an invoice if you are a member. Non members must send the payment with the order.
Note - packaging and postage cost is $6 to any address in NZ.
For non-members, booklets will be dispatched when we have received your payment. For members and associate Members, an invoice will be included with your booklet.

How do I buy a booklet if I am overseas?

Contact the Administration Coordinator who will give you a price and explain the process.

What evidence of payment do I get?

  • Seminars – you will receive a ticket (and tax paid invoice) with the booklet 5-8 days before the seminar.
  • Workshops, introductory programmes, intensives and conferences - you will receive an email confirming you are registered and the fee paid along with your ticket (and tax paid invoice).  Some workshops and Introductory programmes send out materials in advance, refer to the relevant brochure for more information.
  • Booklets - you will receive a tax invoice showing paid with your order, it will also show up on your statement at the end of the month.


If you are paying by credit card, you get an automatic GST invoice which confirms your registration.  If you are paying by direct credit or cheque, your get a GST invoice once your payment has been received and processed.


If you are paying by credit card, you get an automatic GST invoice which confirms your purchase. The booklet will follow.  If you are an NZLS Member, you have an option to be invoiced for the booklet. If you select this option, you will be sent your booklet with an accompanying invoice.

If you are a non-member and would like to purchase online, you must pay by credit card.  Otherwise you can send in a paper-based request for the booklet accompanied by payment.

Paper-based booklet orders, must be accompanied by cheque or credit card details.

Is there any financial help to attend CLE courses?

Some financial help for advocacy courses may be available from the Douglas Wilson Advocacy Scholarship Trust. The CLE course information will indicate if scholarship assistance is available and will give you details of deadlines and an application form to download.


Who can attend CLE courses?

CLE courses are presented primarily for lawyers and their staff. There is a surcharge for those who are not members or associate members of the New Zealand Law Society. Non-members are welcome to register for courses unless it is otherwise indicated, but they pay a higher fee.

How do I find out about all the courses on offer?

To see what we offer, see 'Courses' and 'Upcoming Events' on our Homepage. Please note that these pages are updated during the year as new courses come available. We also list upcoming courses in LawTalk and Lawpoints weekly e-newsletter. All Members receive brochures and reminder fliers with their copy of LawTalk. If you are not a member, contact the Registrations Officer, or call 0800 333 111 for the brochure of a particular course.

Are there any restrictions to entry to any courses?

Some courses are restricted to lawyers. Those programmes are indicated on the brochure.
Note: lawyers who are not Members of the NZLS will pay a higher rate, but are still free to enrol.

What do I do if I have registered for a seminar but my booklet does not arrive?

If your ticket and materials have not arrived by about five days before the course date, ring the Registrations Officer – 0800 333 111.

I can’t go to the course - but I would like to purchase the booklet.

If you are unable to attend a course, you may buy the booklet online – after the seminar/intensive/conference has been presented. You can go to Publications and place your order. Generally workshop materials are not available for sale. 

Non-members book orders must be accompanied by credit card payment. The materials will be sent after the course has been presented.

When do registrations open?

We list all our courses on the website with a brief description of their content. When the registration brochure is available, the information will be posted on the website with fees and venues. That is when registrations open for that particular course.

Recordings of webinars and live web streams

Recordings of webinars that you have registered for are available for you to access in 'My CPD'.  Recordings of live web streams are available to watch on Youtube for four weeks after the event - we will email you when the recording is ready to watch. 


Who can buy our booklets?


Can I purchase a booklet online?

Yes. Go to Publications.

Where will I find a list of all your booklets?

See Publications.

Can I purchase a booklet that was published some years ago?

Yes, all booklets from 1996 are available from the website – see Publications.  Anything earlier, please call 0800 333 111 or contact the Administration Coordinator.

Am I able to find a booklet by the name of the author/presenter?

Yes – there is a search facility on the website.

How long will it take for me to get the booklet?

Place your order and we aim to get the booklet to you in five-eight working days after payment is received provided that the course has already been held.

I hear you have a standing order for booklets. How does that work?

If you would like to receive all booklets at a discount of 10% please contact the Administration Coordinator to go on our Standing Order list.  Booklets will be posted to you after the seminar has been held.

There is a mistake with my order. What do I do?

If you discover there is a mistake with your order please tell us right away and we will happily fix this for you.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Minimum and maximum numbers apply.
  • Registrations will be accepted on a first-come/first-served basis (provided payment has been received) unless the registration is for a programme where there is a selection process, eg the Litigation Skills Programme.

See the relevant brochure for the particular cancellation and refund policy for that course. 

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Privacy Policy

View our Privacy Policy

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Do you make accommodation bookings?

In some instances, accommodation packages are provided for conferences. Details of how to access this are shown in the conference brochure.  In all other instances you will need to make your own accommodation arrangements.

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