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After more than 20 years as an arm of the New Zealand Law Society, in 2008 Continuing Legal Education became NZLS CLE Ltd. The new company is wholly owned by the New Zealand Law Society, and the Society's board appoints the directors of NZLS CLE Ltd.

Vision and Mission

Our vision - To be the pre-eminent provider of continuing legal education in New Zealand.

Our mission - To provide professional development for lawyers by offering them a high quality, affordable CLE service.

We offer:
  • something for everyone - a range of courses across all practice areas, catering, in particular, for needs and interests not generally catered for by commercial providers
  • a wide range of different formats depending on the needs of the target group or the nature of the subject material - so we provide:
- seminars
- webinars
- one-day intensives focused on areas of special interest
- small-group, skills-based workshops
- introductory courses for new practitioners
- in-house training packages for firms, and
- two-day conferences
- live web streams of intensives, conferences & In Short seminars
- online CPD - learning on demand
  • as many courses in the smaller centres as is practicable
  • top quality background materials containing the very latest developments in the given field of law
  • presentations based on sound educational principles - notably the opportunity to apply the principles to realistic case study situations because this is the basis of any effective education.

And above all...

Presenters who are among the best experienced and most knowledgeable in the profession - where presenters come from outside the profession, then they will be drawn from amongst the best possible available.

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CLE Board and advisers

NZLS CLE Ltd is governed by a voluntary board of directors and advisers.

Board members:

  • Mary Ollivier, Acting Executive Director, New Zealand Law Society, Wellington - Chair
  • Dr Allan Cooke, Barrister, Auckland
  • Debra Dorrington, AlexanderDorrington Lawyers, Auckland
  • Dick Edwards, Consultant, Wellington
  • Bob Hollyman, Barrister, Auckland
  • Tim Mullins, LeeSalmonLong, Auckland

Advisers to the board:

  • Hon Justice Brendan Brown, Court of Appeal
  • Her Hon Judge Barbara Morris, Wellington 
  • Professor Paul Rishworth QC, Senior Crown Counsel
  • Andrew Skelton, Barrister, Wellington

CLE Staff

  • Hellen Papadopoulos - Chief Executive
  • Diane Barraclough - Executive
  • Jane Battersby - Executive
  • Philippa Blair - Executive
  • Linda Cohen - Executive
  • Catie Harris - Executive
  • Sarah Loftus - Executive
  • Brad Thompson - Programme Executive
  • Dick Edwards - Consultant
  • Tereza Scully - Advocacy Specialist
  • Ruby Kemp - Course Administrator
  • Manja Kovincic - Course Administrator
  • Jessica Nicholson-Hyde - Course Administrator, Advocacy
  • Olivia Servante-Freeman - Course Administrator
  • Jess Woodmass - Administration Coordinator
  • Lucy Franklin - Registration Officer/Departmental Secretary
  • Rachel Bloodworth - Web Solutions Manager
  • Kylie Barton - Administrator
  • Lynn Lawrence - Administrator

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freephone (within NZ)
0800 333 111


04 472 7837

04 463 2986
Law Society Building
26 Waring Taylor Street
Wellington 6011

DX SP 20202
PO Box 5041
Wellington 6140
New Zealand