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Sunscreens are similar to Roller Blinds in style but have a transparent quality, which allows light to pass through while still protecting against the sun’s harsh glare. What makes sunscreens special is the open weave fabric technology that works to give you great privacy from the outside, but still giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views from inside your home. 

Sunscreens are modern, versatile, and a kiwi favourite for creating stylish spaces. Sunscreens allow you to make a great outdoor/indoor flow in your home.
Advantages of sunscreens
  • They give you the pleasure of enjoying the views while reducing the sun’s rays coming in
  • Sunscreens are mould and fire resistant
  • Sunscreens protects your furnishings from direct sun damage
  • Very easy maintenance
We know it can be hard to decide between Block-out Roller Blinds and Sunscreens, so why not go for both! Take the softness of the sunscreens with the protective layer of block-out roller blinds on top. Dual Roller blinds are perfect for day and night. The best of both worlds!


Phone: 09 263 8232
Mobile: 021 352 987
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