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Mint Australia New Zealand Active Equity Trust

Unit value (as at 30 June 2017) = 2.5317

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Fund performance as at 31 May 2017

  1 month 3 months 1 year 2 years* 3 years* 5 years*
Mint Active Equity Trust** 0.26% 3.44% 4.63% 11.86% 12.36% 17.40%
NZX 50 Gross Index 0.54% 3.51% 5.39% 12.66% 12.73% 16.29%

*per annum
**Mint returns are after all fees

Investment Documents

For Investors

A Product Disclosure Statement for the Mint Australia New Zealand Active Equity Trust has been registered. It can be downloaded below or from the Companies Office website at www.business.govt.nz/disclose.

(Please seek independent financial advice to determine whether this investment is consistent with your individual risk profile and investment objectives.)

Key Features of the Trust

  • Actively managed 'high conviction' unit trust investing in securities listed on the stock exchanges of Australia and New Zealand
  • Targeting returns above the NZX 50 Gross Index + 3.0% per annum
  • No fixed allocation between countries, regions or sectors
  • Consistent returns via Total Return approach + Active Management (GARP style)
  • Cash – where attractive opportunities do not exist the Trust will hold cash/yielding securities
  • Suitable for investor with a minimum 5 year investment horizon
  • 1.0% investment management fee, performance fee = 10% of out-performance above NZX 50 Gross Index + 3.0% p.a. with a once and for all high water mark
  • Target 25 – 40 holdings
  • Currency risk hedged at manager's discretion

Frequently Asked Questions

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