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Watercolour Works by Femke Koome


27 Feb, 2023


thumbnail Femke Koome with colour copy-817After the success of her debut exhibition in 2022, Femke Koome returns with her second solo exhibition at the Mangawhai Artists Gallery, opening at 6pm on Thursday March 2.

Femke has continued her watercolour journey into the world of pure abstracts and abstracted landscapes as well as large and boldly abstracted impressions of florals. Her palette has also developed to include a wider variety of vibrant colours; shimmering washes of metallic paints across fleeting scenery, and bright, bold colours befitting the floral theme.

In sharp contrast to the exuberant brush strokes and loose watercolour style that she applies to her larger paintings, this year sees Femke also apply the skilled and disciplined use of fine brush work required for botanical paintings.

Femke, being Dutch in origin, loves the tulip more than any other flower, in all its forms.

“I love them plain, in bud, in a mass, in a mess, multi-coloured, parrot, rare, wilted, dead, and that is how I like to portray them; they show their beauty at every stage of their brief existence,” says Femke. “The resulting series of botanical tulips are on display and can be chosen on their own or in a set.”

“This year’s exhibition sees a variety of sizes and subject matter on display. The exhibition is well worth a visit, whether it be to find a new artwork for the home or bach, or simply for the joy of viewing new works of art.”

Femke Koome has been a part-time resident of Mangawhai since 1993 and divides her time between her Auckland and Mangawhai homes. Femke has painted and sketched from a young age, settling on watercolour as her happy medium in her early twenties.

After completing careers in music and health Femke dedicates her life to her growing family and her rekindled creative talents. She has recently launched her new career as a watercolourist on art websites, as well as exhibiting in local galleries.

“My watercolours have a loose, semi-abstract style and are inspired by ‘the beauty in the world around us’. I use pure watercolours as well as line and wash. My bold and striking brush strokes give my paintings my signature exuberant style.”

n Watercolour Works - Abstracts and Botanicals opens at 6pm Thursday March 2 at the Mangawhai Artists Gallery, 45 Moir Street. It is open daily, 10am to 3pm until midday Wednesday 16 March 2023.


Femke has recently launched her new career as a watercolourist on art websites, as well as exhibiting in local galleries. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

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