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SH1 Brynderwyns detours: Guidance around alternative routes

21 Feb, 2023


Waka Kotahi and partners Northland Transportation Alliance, along with Northland Police and Northland CDEM Group, met on 21 February, with transport industry representatives and have released the below guidance for alternate routes until access can be restored on SH1 through the Brynderwyns.

Northland Civil Defence Emergency Group Controller Graeme MacDonald, on 20 February, used the powers available under the current state of emergency to direct that all truck and trailer units are restricted from using Cove Road between Mangawhai and Waipu, and this remains in effect.

“All parties recognise that traffic volumes on the alternate routes – which were also damaged in Cyclone Gabrielle - are a concern. This also needs to be balanced with the necessity to get freight through to Northland while minimising the additional costs and time that are unfortunately inevitable until our roading network is fully operational again. What has been worked out is a compromise solution and we’re asking all parties to show co-operation and understanding and do their utmost to protect our vital but currently-vulnerable routes."

He said the arrangements would remain under review and further measures were under consideration.


  • While SH1 Brynderwyns remains closed to all traffic, the approved detour route for all Heavy Vehicle traffic between Auckland and Northland remains SH12/14 via Dargaville.
  • Cove Road Waipu/Kaiwaka
    The restriction to prevent use by truck and trailer units remains, as directed by the Northland CDEM Group Controller, and will be supported by police patrols. This is also the designated route for light vehicles. Heavy Vehicle traffic should be limited to vehicles only servicing the local areas.
  • Paparoa/Oakleigh Road
    There are multiple slips on this road which are a risk to High Productivity Vehicles (50 tonnes and over). This route should only be used for Heavy Vehicles (below 50 tonnes) with destinations south of Whangarei.
  • Waipu Gorge Road
    This is currently closed due to multiple slips, with clearance work to take up to another week, and Google Maps has been contacted to record it as closed. Once open, it will remain unsuitable to Heavy Vehicles and detour traffic for some time.
  • All link roads between SH1 and Paparoa-Oakleigh remain vulnerable and unsuitable for Heavy Vehicles.

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