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Craig Jepson to contest Kaipara mayoralty



8 Aug, 2022


thumbnail Craig Jepson and Jeannette Reid-318Northland business operator of 40 years, former Northland rugby representative and proud local, Craig Jepson, has announced his candidacy for Kaipara mayor at the upcoming elections.

Jepson says there are many pressing issues facing Kaipara District. Foremost our economy.

“New Zealand is entering tough economic times,” he says. “Without a strong economy we don’t have the increased funding for roads, health facilities, and expenditure on the environment. Kaipara District Council requires prudent economic management. A forecast rates increase of over 9 percent is not acceptable.”

If elected Mr Jepson says he will review staffing levels at council, seek the removal of unworkable rules and unnecessary compliance costs to farmers, growers, businesses and the wider community.

In 2020 Jepson sponsored and presented to council Democracy Northland’s petition objecting to the undemocratic introduction of a Kaipara District Council race-based ward.

“I oppose Three Waters and He Puapua which are being imposed on us without the Kaipara community having a say.”

On a general note, Mr Jepson says he believes our communities are looking for practical leadership that will speak on behalf of the local community, rather than parrot the view of Wellington.

“If our community is to be successful, we must stand up for the things we believe in and unite around the things we have in common and not allow ourselves to be divided by our differences or by east and west. We must support each other throughout the Kaipara in our endeavours to improve outcomes for the young, families and the elderly. That’s what I will focus on as mayor.

“We all want Kaipara to be a more prosperous and vibrant community being served well by their local council. A return to public respect by our local council is needed. Too many of our councillors have failed to grasp the simple concept that they were elected to represent the community, not dictate to them.”

The 2022 local body elections are an opportunity to change that he says.


“A return to public respect by our local council is needed.”


We all want Kaipara to be a more prosperous and vibrant community says mayoral candidate Craig Jepson, pictured with partner Jeannette Reid.

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