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Community set to benefit from next round of Factory funding





thumbnail 15 MF-Factorygrants copy-872Two months shy of its fifth anniversary, one of Mangawhai’s much-loved recycling stores, with a reputation of spreading thousands of community-enhancing dollars around the area, is also offering a generous birthday bonus.

Officially launched on October 14 2017, Mangawhai Community Opportunity Shop Trust (MCOST) aka ‘The Factory’, is gearing up for the organisation’s tenth round of bi-annual grants and, on top of the usual donations, are celebrating by offering local groups a chance to score gifts of $10,000.

MCOST trustee Dianne Christensen says the handful of extra grants are a fantastic chance for community groups to be able to achieve their vision and complete projects.

“The Factory Trust is thrilled, with the help of the community, to have already provided over 50 local community groups with grants over the past four-and-a-half years,” she says. “It still blows me away how it’s worked, how the community has donated goods, provided the volunteers and also purchased some great buys to allow the Trust to gift money back into the community.”

Applications for the funding support are open from September 5-30 and are intended for projects which help improve and enrich the community and the life of locals. Grants are classified into three categories: ‘Mangawhai for Mangawhai’ which enables the commencement/completion of social and infrastructure projects with funds up to $5000; ‘Step Up’, a $1000 grant for non-charitable trust or legal-entity organisations who require funding to help a beneficial community project; and the $1500 ‘Youth Achievement Applicants’ for recognised Mangawhai youth organisations who want to assist young locals skill development.

“On top of this, under the Mangawhai for Mangawhai category, there will be a few additional grants up to $10,000,” Dianne says. “If a group is applying for this then it is recommended they also apply for the ‘up to $5000’ as well in case they don’t get allocated the larger amount.”

The Factory’s manager, Honor Stratton, says the previous recipient’s achievements, including the Mangawhai Shed, Te Whai Community Trust and Mangawhai Surf Club, have blown her away.

“If you shop with us, if you donate to us, this is who you’re helping, this is where your hard-earned cash goes,” she says. “We're super-proud to be able to support them.”

Through Te Whai, Mangawhai’s local support and advocacy organisation, Factory grants have allowed a range of social services ‘to get off the ground’ from food baskets for the struggling, companions to accompany the lonely, as well as counselling, mental health support and even an occupational therapist.

“Te Whai is continuing to grow with the area, helping people find the right services and advocating for those who need it. There seems to be a perception that people in Mangawhai are wealthier so we don’t get access to social services and while there are many families thriving here, there are many who are not,” Honor says. “The cost of housing is a problem in and around Mangawhai and need for support is growing. We're so fortunate to have this group of incredible humans who are so passionate and tenacious, a group which started off literally around a kitchen table!”

The Factory is also a major funder of Mangawhai’s surf club, helping to provide vital equipment from defibrillators, junior training paddle boards, to tents and gazebos for events, storage facilities as well as a trailer and rack for the club’s brand-new emergency jet ski.

“It goes without saying how lucky we are to have our amazing surf club. I know they receive some grant support from various charities and local initiatives as well as a little from the council, but it blew me away to learn the Factory are their main supporter.”

Members of ‘the remarkable’ Mangawhai Shed are also grateful recipients with grants enabling installation of necessary equipment such as a water tank, storage container and dust extractor unit. Besides getting creative, forming friendships and ‘much laughter and mick-taking’, the ‘sheddies’ put their collective knowledge and skills to good use, designing and building items for community projects like pest traps, Christmas floats and play equipment for the kindergarten kids.

“All of this is made possible by local people; please keep supporting us, keep shopping at The Factory, keep donating your wonderful goods and please keep your friendly words of encouragement flowing to our amazing volunteers,” Honor says. “Hand on heart, our personal thanks go out to everyone, together we're honestly making a difference, together we are making Mangawhai a better place.”

n For forms and information on The Factory’s grants, please visit mangawhaiopportunityfactory.com. or to join the band of devoted volunteers, drop in to the store at Wood Street, Mangawhai heads.




“If you shop with us, if you donate to us, this is who you’re helping, this is where your hard-earned cash goes.”

- Honor Stratton


The much-loved Factory op shop has been making a positive impact for almost five years, turning shoppers’ cash into community-enhancing grants and benefits. Pictured from left, Factory manager Honor Stratton with store supervisor Eva Wrapp (rear) and two dedicated shop volunteers, Loma Moors and Gail Ross. PHOTO/JULIA WAD

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