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The Climate Chap: 50 neat tips to save the planet




21 Nov, 2021


Still not sure how you can personally stop global warming and our climate crisis? No problem – here are 50 quick tips for you to consider and adopt:


1. Replace your regular light bulbs with LEDs.

2. Install a programmable thermostat.

3. Move your thermostat down 2 degrees in winter and up 2 degrees in summer.

4. Clean or replace filters on heat pumps.

5. Choose energy efficient appliances when making new purchases.

6. Do not leave appliances on standby.

7. Wrap your water heater in an insulation blanket.

8. Move your fridge/freezer away from hot devices.

9. Defrost them regularly.

10. Don’t let heat escape from your house over a long period.

11. Replace single-glazed windows with double-glazing.

12. Get a home energy audit.

13. Cover your pots while cooking.

14. Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when full.

15. Take a shower instead of a bath.

16. Use less hot water.

17. Use a clothesline instead of a dryer whenever possible.

18. Insulate and weatherise your home.

19. Be sure you are recycling at home.

20. Recycle your organic waste.

21. Buy intelligently.

22. Choose products that come with little packaging and buy refills when you can.

23. Reuse your shopping bag.

24. Reduce waste.

25. Plant a tree.

26. Switch to green power.

27. Buy locally grown and produced foods.

28. Buy fresh foods instead of frozen.

29. Seek out and support local farmers markets.

30. Buy organic food as much as possible.

31. Eat less meat.

32. Reduce the km’s you drive by walking, cycling, carpooling or taking public transport.

33. Start a carpool with your co-workers or classmates.

34. Don’t leave an empty roof rack on your car.

35. Keep your car tuned up.

36. Drive carefully and do not waste fuel.

37. Check your tyres are properly inflated.

38. When it’s time for a new car, choose a more fuel efficient one, or buy electric.

39. Try car sharing.

40. Try telecommuting from home.

41. Fly less.

42. Encourage your business or school to reduce emissions.

43. Join web-based climate groups.

44. Encourage the switch to renewable energy.

45. Protect and conserve forests worldwide.

46. Consider the impact of your investments.

47. Make Mangawhai “cool”.

48. Lobby your MP.

49. Make sure your voice is heard!

50. Share this list.


Most of these actions need incur any significant additional expense or inconvenience, and believe me there are many more actions you can take, but 50 is enough for now.

So, out of curiosity how many of the 50 have you already adopted, and can you identify at least five more quick tips that you can adopt immediately… before the next edition of the Mangawhai Focus comes out?

If you want to know more about any of these suggestions, just email me, or visit the super Global Warming web site at globalwarming-facts.info for further information and explanations.

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