The benefits your child will receive through the Life Education Programme.


  • The programme helps children develop life skills,
  • It encourages children to make healthy choices
  • Children gain knowledge about health and their bodies
  • Children develop a sense of self esteem and a positive understanding of themselves
  • Children develop strategies for relating to others
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The Life Education Programme

The Life Education programme covers a wide range of health topics:

  • Food and nutrition
  • Human Biology
  • Identity & Resilience
  • Relationships & Communities
  • Substances  

Comments from parents:


Beth was buzzing after she left your mobile. The way you impart information to the kids so they remember is absolutely wonderful. We haven't got on to the web site yet, Beth is completing her 'Heart Central' booklet first. She came home and made a paper doll and put labels on the body parts she had learned on Friday, added the veins and arteries. She is now our Health Advisor in the Family!!!

From this trip, Beth is going to do a lesson on Life Education once a week. Thanks for fitting her in.

Kind Regards



'Only this morning Hermione said to me "Harold said that I was unique and so is the person next to me. She also came home with a sticker from Harold which she wanted to wear today.
Thanks Veronica"
"Those of us who are parents all know how our children love the visit from Harold when the Life Education Classroom comes to their school. Each year, my husband and I get a different snippet of the highlights. At the last visit, learning about the effects of smoking made a particular impression on my 10-year-old daughter (she mentioned how pleased she was neither of us smoke because, she said, it's "just unbelievably disgusting, and did you know....").
"I took part in the parent session in the life mobile classroom on Wednesday. I just wanted to say I was so impressed with you and the messages you are teaching. I think it's so valuable for children to learn about themselves and how to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. I think you were lovely! The children must really respond well to you.
My daughter talked a blue streak about her experience with you. Particularly about the human model and about how our bones make up a skeleton!
Coming into the classroom brought back many memories for me. I remember having it at our school and always enjoyed taking part. Also thank you for your email and newsletter.
“My granddaughter couldn’t stop talking about Harold and her visit to the mobile – your service is amazing. I will access your website. Thank you again!”  

Both my girls, Pippa (Y2), & Izzy (Y1), have LOVED your sessions, have acted out your songs, repeated phrases, & chatted away positively in the bath to each other tonight about their experiences on your 'bus'! 
The time you have spent with them, appears to have made a real impression and by their comments, they have really understood and grasped the content and messages of the sessions.
I'd like to think Life Education is reinforcing the values we share as a family, but firmly believe your fun, novel and patient approach will speak volumes to them, where we may, at times, fall!  Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
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Website: Parents Inc (formerly Parenting With Confidence) www.parentsinc.org.nz




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