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About NZ Kayak Magazine

Each issue contains heaps of great advice on kayaking techniques, paddling destinations, recent kayaking adventures by readers, health, first aid and the latest, greatest kayaks and gear.

If you are a recreational paddler, multisporter, white water paddler or sea kayaker, you will find plenty of exciting reading in the New Zealand Kayak Magazine.

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Overcoming Barriers

The shuttle dropped us early at the wharf, they’d warned us the teeming morning city traffic could create time pressure we didn’t need, meaning we could miss our sailing. I was with my wife and three children heading to Great Barrier Island,
part two of our school holiday Easter escapade.

Election Year
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Our Special Places and the Year of the Election

Election years are the time where we can submit suggestions to our current and hopeful politicians as their ears are open. They are very keen to be relevant to the public and pick up worthwhile causes that will gain votes.
We at the NZ Kayak Magazine love our bush, coast, rivers and lakes. Tourists come by the millions to have a little taste of what it is like, and that supports many in employment.

Latest Video from Josh Neilson

Wainui waterfall - Drone Highlights from Josh Neilson Photography on Vimeo.


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A Wilderness Waterway Episode

The Haast-Hollyford Highway is a long-standing proposal to link Haast via the Hollyford Valley to Milford Sound and Te Anau in the South Island, it dates back over 100-years but has never happened due to costs and needs. In the past 10 years it’s come up on the radar as tourism operators mostly, are looking at ways to get people in and out of Milford Sound easier and quicker. There’s no doubt it’ll be a magnificent scenic highway, as it’ll traverse through Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks, and gouge through the Olivine Wilderness Area, but at what stage do we stop putting roads through such places? 


White Water

Full Day of Battering

The rains everyone had been waiting for had finally come. It was time for creeking!

A group of friends awoke early and all met at an Okere Falls residents house to figure out what the day had to offer. Plans had been made before I got there, so I jumped into my car, and followed the truck carrying the rest of the crew. I soon noticed that my fuel warning light was on, but I had no way of telling the boys ahead of me.

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The New Zealand Kayak Magazine began in the mid nineties while we were rushing around arranging the monthly newsletter for the Yakity Yak Kayak Club members and Canoe & Kayak customers. The newsletter kept people involved in the sport, up to date with what had happened and what was planned. Read more...

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