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Each issue contains heaps of great advice on kayaking techniques, paddling destinations, recent kayaking adventures by readers, health, first aid and the latest, greatest kayaks and gear.

If you are a recreational paddler, multisporter, white water paddler or sea kayaker, you will find plenty of exciting reading in the New Zealand Kayak Magazine.

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Contrary Queen Charlotte’s

black shags and white horses.

As dawn broke, on Sunday morning I was woken by a member of the Parawai Tramping Club hollering “I’ve just won the photo competition, don’t anyone else bother entering.” My interest piqued, camera in hand I quickly unzipped my tent...to gaze at the wonderfully calm still, mellow yellow waters of Ratimera Bay, in the Queen Charlotte Sound. ...



Cold Water Survival - Part Three

So, you have made it safely ashore, but you are wet through and psychologically shaken. The 45 minutes in the water has left you chilled to the bone and physically exhausted - shame about losing your paddle. The 20 km paddle back to your car may take longer than first anticipated. Amazing how fast your circumstances can change after just one bad “inattention to detail moment” like forgetting to pack your spare paddle!

Latest Video from Josh Neilson

Wainui waterfall - Drone Highlights from Josh Neilson Photography on Vimeo.

Top Trips

Tiritiri Matangi Island

Tiritiri Matangi is a beautiful bird sanctuary with many highly endangered species.  There are feeding stations along well established walkways where you invariably see birds that are used to people being so close.

See the trip card.

Cornwallis to Whatipu

This is a trip for intermediate paddlers. It is not suitable for beginners. The scenery is rugged as you paddle along the north side of the Manukau Harbour. Time your paddle to make the most of the tide - reaching Whatipu around low tide.

See the trip card.



IMG 0040-676Year Round Kayak Fishing

We’ve had a few mixed weather patterns this summer, but overall it’s been a good summer with some long dry spells especially in the North Island. We have been a little spoilt and with winter rolling around some may be tempted to shelve the kayak until spring and the temperature rises a few degrees more. 


White Water

10 years, 80 flights

A decade of kayaking the world

I remember being on a river trip while studying Outdoor Education in Christchurch and hearing a guy say he had just finished his 20th consecutive summer kayaking all over the world! I was 20 at the time, so that was half of my life, living what I could only imagine as a dream.  

Ben Jackson uganda 2012a


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The New Zealand Kayak Magazine began in the mid nineties while we were rushing around arranging the monthly newsletter for the Yakity Yak Kayak Club members and Canoe & Kayak customers. The newsletter kept people involved in the sport, up to date with what had happened and what was planned. Read more...

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