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Access many benefits from professional development to linking with an international network of like-minded people.

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IFOMPT Conference

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Every 4 years, the world PTs meet at the prestigious IFOMPT Conference. Let's meet in Melbourne in September 2022.

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IFOMPT Webinar Series

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We run quarterly webinars by a wide range of internationally renowned speakers on various topics. Stay in touch by registering.

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Training and Employment

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Looking to stay informed and up to date - search here for a course to attend or to find employment elsewhere in the IFOMPT World?

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The theme of the IFOMPT 2022 conference is INNOVATE - INTEGRATE. Best practice orthopaedic manipulative therapy provides INNOVATIVE, unique, personalised management of the client by INTEGRATING techniques and approaches. The conference will showcase the latest science and the clinical integration of this science for best practice patient outcomes.

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We have noted the feedback that the IFOMPT website needs an update to ensure simplified and easy access to information. 
The update is ready and will be launched in two stages over the next few months: The site is now live and we are asking for your inputs and feedback on its content and functionality. Once we are happy that it is all working, the second stage will follow where the information relevant to IFOMPT Members will be restricted in a member only sign-in section and those interested will be required to register to access all the information.
Let us know your feedback and be a part of making the website fit for purpose. Please click on the button below or send comments to admin@ifompt.org.