Tarot Aura Mist

Spiritual Gifts Tarot Aura Mist
Carry the invigorating power and scent of the Tarot all day long!

Experience the magic hands of Helena Marie with our effervescent new Tarot Aura Mists. 

Each handmade aura mist embodies the healing, and illuminating fragrance of the Tarot. Only the best NZ organic essential oils used, along with witch-hazel extract, a natural toner, and NZ naturally distilled water. 

Use lightly as a gently spritz around your face and head. Feel the shift in energy as you move into a calmer, more grounded and happy you!

EMPRESS (Lavender and Lemongrass)
Elevate yourself to channel the energy of The Empress in the Tarot. She is the queen of all queens and the mother of all mothers. Expect abundance, opportunities, happiness, family connections. She is all about nurturing the self, honouring your divine feminine and embodying dignity, integrity and respect. Feel calm, grounded and back in control of life again.

SUNRISE (Rose, Geranium, Patchouli) 
Feel the power of the sun on your face! Embrace the energy of one of the most positive Tarot cards in the deck. Expect to feel radiant and energised. The sun is all about aiming for a bright future, and it bodes well for all goals and outcomes coming to fruition. 

100ml bottle, spray nozzle, white frosted. 



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