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Since 2019

We help professionals change, heal and transform through better spiritual health.

Our priority is to deliver a professional service that is impressively accurate, insightful, and that gives you clarity and wisdom to make empowered decisions and a taste of Spiritual enlightenment.

Helena Marie has operated in Auckland as a Tarot Consultant since 2018. First at a Holistic clinic in Newmarket where she built a solid customer base. And now at Helena Marie Tarot, a retail tarot studio and healing space at Victoria Park Market in Freeman’s Bay. Prior to that Helena had also practiced as a Tarot consultant at retail based health stores in New Plymouth and Wellington.

The Helena Marie Tarot brand promotes individuality, self expression, courage and optimism. Our customers are responsible and ethical with strong beliefs and good values. They are hard working and honest PLUS have an intention to achieve their potential and personal and professional success.

Heal & Transform

Why Choose us (not the competitor)

Why Choose us (not the competitor)

Our holistic health services and consultations involve experienced practitioners, who are educated, and suitably qualified. Our Tarot & oracle cards range from globally popular, reflecting culture, consciousness & interplanetary. Our retail products are all natural quality products that support NZ made and abroad. 

Our goals & mission

Our mission is to impact people’s lives and enable change, healing and transformation towards better spiritual health and empowerment!

Our core values

Our core values are based on respect, integrity, service and excellence to deliver better life changing spiritual health offerings for our communities in New Zealand and around the world.

Meet Helena Marie, Spiritual Consultant

Helena Bethune Owner

"I have seen Helena for tarot readings and tarot magic workshops and her guidance is right on point. I get so much out of my sessions with Helena. Definitely recommend seeing Helena as someone who can assist you in your transformation journey”

Lizzie O’Callaghan, business owner, Auckland

""My experience with Helena was life changing. I was walking past her store and decided to give tarot reading a go! It started with a 10 minute reading but I ended up staying for an hour! Helena was so detailed with her predictions and interpretations of my cards.  Helena made correct predictions of my new job (and even got my new salary right!) and my relationship at the time. So far, everything she told me was going to happen, it actually did! Thanks, Helena! You’re a star!

Ana, solicitor, Auckland.

" I booked a ‘learn the tarot in 6 hours’ tutorial with Helena in 2021, as I have seen Helena in the past for tarot readings and I was intrigued to learn more. I found the tutorial to be so insightful. Our day was peppered with humour, anecdotes and stories of when cards had been turned up in past readings (no specifics of course), which actually made everything a lot more memorable. Helena has so much genuine experience which she is very willing to share. This makes her a great tutor and a great support. This particular course was amazing value for money and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also learned a lot about myself during our day together. Thank you HMT and I’ll be back soon to learn more!

Suzanne, business owner, Auckland

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