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5+ aDay

In term 3 we held a 5+aDay promotion, with special emphasis on vegetables for the Year 7 & 8 students.
During their Food Technology classes they learnt about the variety of vegetables we have available to us in New Zealand and some of the ways of preparing and cooking them. The Food Technology  programme, and the way the room is set up, focuses on the 5+aDay message.
The Year 7 & 8 students  had  to create a soup,  in pairs, using any of the vegetables,  a grain or carbohydrate,  and cook it in a vegetable, chicken or beef stock.
The following day they sold the soup to the rest of the school.
Year 7 marketed the soup with  over 50 posters displayed throughout the school, and an advertisement in the school newsletter. All families were emailed with a reminder about the soup sale. Year 8 did the setting up, selling and cleaning up.
 We kept the price to a minimum so as many students (and teachers) could afford to buy a cup.
We completely sold out , and with the little bit of profit that we made, fresh growing herbs were purchased for the Food Tech room.
Some comments were:  “I could drink this all day”. “Can you do this again next week”?
“This is a life saver”. “This is the best soup ever”.


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