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CarissaMy name is Carissa.  It is my truth that I give to you.  
I can assist you in finding your love, your worth, your occupation and any concerns regarding your health, actually  it is my ability that can guide you thru your journey of life.  
I do enjoy talking and encouraging the ones that need to be healed. I am eager to assist you by giving you a message from your guardians, the beings of light that are awaiting to offer you the truth to your situation.  Do not ever think that it is impossible to communicate to anyone that is not on earth, for it truly is just as easy as picking up the phone to call me as I can pick up a phone to call many people in the universe. Your angels are waiting, the masters are advisors with powerful insight into your true identity and the counsel of love, who are the Angelic Federation, consist of not one but 10 masters of angelic vibration.
I am not your person to call if you don't believe in love, for I am awakening your heart with honesty, integrity and more often than ever before light is ready to be a bloom inside each and every one of you, giving me the pleasure to let you receive the true speech of heart with a divine connection. Your soul will blossom, your heart will thrive and then you will feel free in any circumstance.  It is all possible and I am awaiting you to contact me.  
Much kindness , support  and love  is  given to you when you call.  Let's talk!

Call Carissa now on 0900 85000 or 0900 55000 
or for Credit Card Calls
  0800 7 85000 / 0800 7 85001
(New Zealand only)
(Calls cost $3.99 + gst/min )
Or email for an appointment
Email - with a date and time convenient

 To call Carissa live via Skype from outside New Zealand 
Search - carissa4casters and send her a friend request OR
      Calls cost $3.99 p/m (+GST for NZ Callers)


Calling from anywhere in the world is simple and easy through Skype, with all the information on the links below.

How do I call by using Skype? click here ~ Country Codes click here ~ Skype calling rates click here


Click Here to purchase Carissa's new book


Only NZ$23.99

Carissa book-645 Carissa book Back-201

Welcome to the new earth.
Although you may not be aware of it, light is the essence of your identity, and now you can awaken to that knowledge each and every day.

In Finally Free, author Carissa Waihape conveys information from the beings of light designed to help you stop the old, outdated cellular memories that your ancestors learnt from their experiences when they first lived on earth. You can look at yourself and understand that you are created in the likeness of others before you. This knowledge provides a natural acceptance of your own deep beauty as well as an awareness that will allow you to release unhealthy, unnecessary, and obsolete feelings.
 Ready yourself for the ultimate love - the only way for your true light to shine.


Carissa has done readings for me for many years and every reading is always very accurate and immensely helpful. She has an exceptional gift and manages to deliver a message at exactly the right time it is needed. She has helped me transform my life for the better and find the true meaning of my soul.  
Tanja, Auckland

Carissa changed my life, she took me from a time of desperation to love and feel the world again.  I recommend her to all my friends.  I just love Carissa!!
Shannon, Auckland
Carissa spiritually understood me and guided me.
Amalka, Auckland
After a reading with Carissa I am positive she has a gift that connects her to the higher power she has given me insight to my life and given me the tools to live a life filled with love, happiness and positivity, a truly amazing lady!
Alicia, Auckland
Hi my name is Martin & I have received wise counsel from Carissa over the past 9 months that has helped me make the right decision at the right time! Thanks heaps Carissa!
Martin, Auckland
Hunter, Auckland

"I wish I had met Carissa years ago!! She truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful"
Sarah, Auckland
"Your natural ability to listen and find precisely what my soul needs to hear to make sense of what's happening is amazing.  I value every minute of our chats.  Your bottomless wisdom and guidance is always an inspiration.  Thank you."
Lenka, Auckland

My experience was life changing.  Every decision I now make is towards what I really want to do in life which I only realised what that was after my experience with you Carissa.  I feel so much more positive about the future now. 
Noel, Auckland
Words to describe Carissa are: caring, intuitive, helpful, life changing, insightful, healing, peaceful. 
Michelle, Auckland

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