Below are a series of examples of some of our best landscaping work in and around Auckland. As you can see there is a real variety in design and garden layout - the possibilities really are endless!

Amazing before and after pictures to demonstrate what a transformation these gardens have gone through.

Quality Landscaping and Garden Design

Along with a series of inventive garden designs, you can also see how we have managed to consistently create gorgeous outdoor living and garden areas. Landscaping is, after all, a holistic transformation of the outdoor home and garden area. Send us a message or phone us to find out more about the landscape design plans behind any particular project.

Flourish small escea-ef5000-gas-fireplace-courtyard-3
Resort style1.jpg
Garden house 8-330-388
Braders 2005 003small.jpg
Bullock after6 sm.jpg
Flourish tropical garden4
Flourish Norrie after 1small
Flourish Berryman after1 small
Homeshow 2005 001web