What type of wicks do you use?

Our wicks are made from lead free cotton.

What ingredients are used in the body care range?

Our bodycare collection uses the highest quality botanical bases of Macadamia, Coconut and Almond oils with antioxidant rich Vitamin E to protect the skin and promote softness, moisture and elasticity in a non-greasy formula.

The ECOYA body care range is designed to be safe on all skin types and is free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol, Silicone and artificial colours. However if you have sensitive skin we recommend patch testing before use.

I have a gluten intolerance, wheat, nut or soy allergy. Can I use ECOYA products?
Some people have a digestive intolerance to gluten, a protein that occurs naturally in wheat and other grains. It is unlikely for a person with gluten intolerance to have a reaction to a skincare product, since gluten can only be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. However, some people do have wheat allergies that may cause them to have skin sensitivities and this also applies to people who have nut and soy allergies.
Most of ECOYA Body-care products contain Almond, Macadamia and other Nut oils. The extraction method for these ingredients removes allergy-causing proteins, but we cannot guarantee that all of the residues are removed. Therefore, if you have gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, Nut or Soy allergies we recommend that you patch test first or consult with your medical practitioner before using any of our products and refer to the ingredients list.
Are ECOYA products tested on animals?
No, we do not test ECOYA products on animals.
Which fragrance is the strongest when burning?

Our fragrances are rated on an intensity level from delicate to full-bodied. You will find this rating system on each product page on our website. This will tell you how strong or delicate each fragrance is. Our most full-bodied fragrances in the ECOYA collection are Lotus Flower & Coconut & Elderflower, while in our Botanicals range, the Midnight Orchid and Jacaranda & Plum fragrances are strongest. 

What is the difference between the ECOYA Metro and Madison Candles?

Both the ECOYA Metro and Madison Jar candles are soy wax. The Metro Candle is a classic glass jar and lasts for up to 55 hours burn time. The Madison Candle comes in a contemporary glass jar, topped with a silver lid and housed in a beautiful box, lasting for up to 80 hours burn time.

How do I open my diffuser?

ECOYA diffusers are packaged carefully to ensure the oil from the diffuser does not spill. Ensure you follow the instructions on the back of the diffuser box and as follows.
Directions: Unscrew silver lid and remove the plastic stopper from the decanter. Replace silver lid and place the reeds into the decanter. The natural reeds will absorb the oil and fill your room with a long lasting fragrance.

Can I buy diffuser refills?

We do not sell diffuser refills. After six to eight months your reeds will also need to be replaced, so we recommend purchasing a new diffuser.

Why does diffuser liquid discolour?

You may see some discolouration in your diffuser liquid over time. This particularly applies to the Vanilla Bean and Sweet Pea & Jasmine fragrances, due to the composition of the fragrance, however this does not mean your product is faulty. Direct sunlight can also contribute to discolouration of diffuser liquid, so be sure to place your diffuser away from direct sunlight.

Why is there black residue on the inside of my candle?

Black residue may appear on the glass of your candle if the wick is not trimmed. Ensure the wick is always upright and trimmed to 7mm before use and each time you re-light your candle. The black residue can be removed with a napkin or wet cloth.


How do I find an ECOYA stockist in my area?

Visit our stockist page HERE for a list of stockists in the United Kingdom. 

How do I stay up to date with ECOYA’s latest products and information?

If you would like to stay up to date with ECOYA, you can sign up to our ECOYA e-newsletters. You will be the first to hear about ECOYA’s latest news like; new products, new fragrances, stockists up and promotions.
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