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ECOYA Body Care: Hypoallergenic

April 18th, 2011 by ECOYA


It is no secret that the cosmetic industry is infamous for creating numerous marketing campaigns around the latest buzz words. With words such as organiceutical, keratolytics and dihydroxyacetone becoming increasingly frequent in our everyday lives it is understandable to become weighed down by the complicated nature of beauty products.

There is one “buzz word” however, whose longevity and frequency of use lends itself to having a sense of credibility and reliability.

The term hypoallergenic was first used in a cosmetics campaign in 1953. Simply put, it describes cosmetics that have a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction. Interestingly though, it is not possible to claim that a product will definitely not trigger an allergic reaction. This is why you will find on all ECOYA bodycare products the phrase, “although hypoallergenic we recommend patch testing before use”. Hypoallergenic should not be confused with the terms ‘low-allergenic’ or even ‘non-allergenic’. These mean essentially the same but are normally used to describe almost everything else, (other than cosmetics), e.g. dogs, cats, gardens, household paints, that have been designed or bred to not trigger any sort of allergic reaction. 

In order for ECOYA bodycare to be called hypoallergenic we have rebuilt our six signature scents, essentially creating totally new fragrances that tie in with the current ECOYA Collection candle fragrances (French Pear, Lotus Flower, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Wild Frangipani and finally Lemongrass & Ginger). This was done so that the fragrances would be ultra-safe when it comes to being left on the skin, a point very much in keeping with the natural elements of the products.

Along with being hypoallergenic, the ECOYA bodycare products are paraben, silicon, sulphate and artificial colouring free. There has been significant scientific research into these ingredients, and while these findings will be discussed in a future blog, it is suffice to say they were compelling enough for us to make sure we don’t use them.

Although the “eco” movement that ECOYA products all strive to adhere to can also be classified as somewhat of a current “buzz word” it is certainly not a “gimmick”. And when you ask ECOYA Founder, Craig Schweighoffer why we use natural waxes and why we make our bodycare products hypoallergenic, sulphate, silicon, artificial colouring and paraben free his response is simple - “Why would you do anything else?.”

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