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Body Care Ads Cause a Stir

August 12th, 2011 by ECOYA

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The new series of ECOYA bodycare ads depicting ‘women interacting with nature’ which caused a stir in New Zealand, may soon hit Australian shores. Complaints were made to NZ’s Advertising Standards Authority about one of the ads in particular, which depicts a naked woman on a horse and was posted on a billboard in one of Auckland’s busiest retail areas.

Despite the NZ ASA ruling that the ad conflicts with a number of advertising principles and ethics, ECOYA Executive Chairman Geoff Ross rigorously defends the use of the ads in promoting ECOYA’s new bodycare range.

"We think it says the right thing. It's obviously about body care and it's about nature and those are two things the brand stands for.''

We’re passionate about our brand and bold in the way we communicate that passion. The same rigor that goes into producing our home fragrance and body care products to the highest quality standards using only the finest natural ingredients also follows through to how we present ourselves to the public.

Of the controversial ad featuring a naked woman on a horse, Geoff Ross added "I don't think that's the last we'll see of that image... I think we'd like to use it again. We think it's appropriate."

It’s likely the images will feature as we ramp up promotion of our new bodycare range in Australia. We’re sticking to what we believe in and we feel very strongly that the images have their place in promoting our new range of nourishers, exfoliators, lotions, soaps and lip balm.

Moral of the story: Always follow your beliefs and your passion. 




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