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July 30th 2015

ECOYA Staff Picks, straight from HQ

The ECOYA team live and breathe fragrance… (after all, we are smelling, testing, burning, selling, promoting fragrances all day everyday!)
June 23rd 2015

The Life of an ECOYA Candle

Discover how our iconic candles come to life…
May 26th 2015

How to Scent Your Home

Some tips and tricks on the perfect fragrances for each room in your home.
September 4th 2014

Get your Coconut & Elderflower hit!

You asked... you got. Our much loved Coconut & Elderflower fragrance which we released as a Limited Edition fragrance was soooo darn popular, that we decided it ain't going anywhere!
August 28th 2014

Botanicals by ECOYA Limited Edition

The Botanicals by ECOYA collection was created to showcase a unique range of fragrances. The range draws upon the uniqueness of the Australasian botanicals first harvested from New Zealand and Australia during Captain Cook's epic journey of discovery in 1770.
February 12th 2014

Introducing the latest ECOYA Limited Edition fragrances

Our latest Limited Edition fragrances, due in store from Monday 17 Feb 2014, are the mouth-wateringSweet Apricot & Orange Blossom and the deliciously well-rounded Violet, Fig & Cassis.
July 19th 2013

Vanilla Bean makes you go Zzzzz

Vanilla Bean contains relaxing properties, commonly used to promote restful sleep, which in turn leads to calm and happy dreams.
August 8th 2011


All of us have a slice of this country embedded deep within. A giant landscape or a tiny beautiful plant, a vast stretch of water or a bird that drops in to visit our garden every now and again. Whether down country or just down the road, all New Zealanders know places that to them are as precious as family.
August 5th 2011

Celebs Go Scented Candle Crazy

Scented candles have taken the celebrity world by storm. From the Duchess of Cambridge to Hollywood Royalty, Victoria Beckham, Australia's sweetheart Delta Goodrem and the Kardashians, some of the world's biggest celebs are choosing to imbue their surrounds with the aromas of candles and diffusers.
May 23rd 2011

Fragrance and Sleep

For many of us, sleep really can come at a premium some nights. We lead stressful, hectic, active lives and when it’s time to finally lie down to sleep we need all of the help we can get to fall asleep quickly and get the rest we need.
April 11th 2011

Save the Scent

Candles add character, charm and ambiance to any room or situation. They soothe and calm the air around us all. So, how do we hold on to that scent? How do we keep our favourite candle for as long as possible? Try these tips below and your ECOYA scented candle will keep your home or office smelling great.



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