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Tuffnut Doors

Tuffnut doors are for areas where the environment is harder on the door. This maybe higher moisture areas or just need to deal with the knocks and bangs that come with more traffic. It is highly customizable in type, sizing and style allowing you find what you require for your specific situation. Tuffnut doors give you peace of mind, durability and style when you need it most.

Tuffnut Styles

Photos of Doors 005-403

Tuffnut Dry Interior 

This door is ideal for any interior application where there is little or no moisture present.
Photos of Doors 007-610

Tuffnut Hi Moisture Interior

The perfect partner for internal areas of high moisture such as spas, bathrooms, walk in showers and the like.
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Tuffnut Sheltered Exterior

When you require a durable door for your back porch or sheltered alley access, your choice  is obvious.

Oversized Tuffnut

When your imagination gets away on you, then the Oversized Tuffnut can be your only choice.

All Tuffnut Doors have a 5 Year Guarantee

This is your 'for life' door that is able to withstand the impacts of daily life. Due to the unique construction of Tuffnut®, it is tough and impact resistant while increasing its stability to eliminate bowing. We guarantee it!
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5 year guarantee RGB-375

  • Tuffnut Sizes

    Standard doors sizes are readily available,  but we will custom make to your requirement as long as it is practical and can be transported to and installed on site. We are happy  to help with those “not too sure” ones. Just give us a call.
  • Tuffnut Facings

    Another  feature  you’ll love is the wide variety of facing options. From MDF, hardboards and ply, through to finishes such  as steel  and aluminium  sheeting....  
  • Optional Extras

    Items such as vision panels, grilles and door seals pose no difficulty for the Tuffnut. These can be included with ease during manufacture. Just let us know and we'll include them.

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