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Counselling in Action2 (GC staff in pic)-27-8If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and feel that despite their best efforts friends and family do not understand, we have counsellors who can help. They are trained to listen, support you and help you to find ways to deal with your loss. It does not matter how long ago you had your bereavement. Sometimes grief revisits when we least expect it. Our counsellors are experienced in all aspects of loss and grief, not just bereavement.


Sometime families struggle after a death of a family member. Communication can be a challenge between family members as each responds to loss in different ways. Families often tip toe around afraid of upsetting each other. Sometimes outside help is needed to assist families to express their concerns, anxiety and sadness in a safe setting. This often helps families to express their loss with each other in a meaningful way.

Asian Communityeunice choi-169-276-518

The Grief Centre has a Korean counsellor (Eunice Goh Woon Choi) on our team to provide culturally appropriate support for all forms of loss and grief, including losses related to migration.

If you can't speak English very well, please email the office in Korean to book your appointment or arrange for Eunice to call you.

유니스 (최고운) 상담가와 상담예약 혹은 전화통화를 한국어로 하기 원하시면, 위의 'email the office in Korean' 클릭하셔서 한국어로 이메일을 보내주십시오.

To book an appointment or to discuss our Counselling services further please call us 09 418 1457 or EMAIL US HERE.

We will ask what location you are in, briefly discuss your circumstances to determine the best counsellor for you and then discuss the counselling fees (these are based on your household income and what you can afford to pay, our goal is to provide counselling to everyone who needs it. We also help WINZ clients apply for grief counselling under the Disability Allowance).

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